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Is He Passing By?

Recently, I began reading the book, “Angels On Assignment” by Roland Buck. A friend who I respect and trust recommended this to me, and although my “to do” list is ridiculous these days, I have found time to steal away some precious moments to read. Early in the book, there is one passage that I found especially wonderful, mostly because it reminded me of my own journey these past few years. For anyone who is reading this who carries your own dreams or desires to serve the Lord but don’t yet know how to begin, check this out:

(a little backstory: Roland Buck wrote this book back in the 70s, and it detailed his pretty dramatic angelic encounters. This passage came from one of his conversations with an angel…)

“God let me know that events which he has decreed HAVE TO HAPPEN! When he decrees it, an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop. IT HAS TO HAPPEN! People he has included in his unfolding plan are not irreversibly stuck with that plan for themselves unless they want to be. God has predestined the event, but not the individuals. He said, “If you will link arms with me, there will be joy and happiness in it for you. I have FOREORDAINED you to be a partner with me in the great work that I am doing, but I will not hold you to it.”

My own experience is a great example of this truth. For 15 years I did what I wanted to do creatively. I worked harder than anyone else, wrote more than anyone else, and generally willed myself to become a good storyteller. I didn’t believe in “partnering” with God creatively, because I believed that God had given me His creative spirit, and I was to hone it, use it, and create things of beauty myself. I would then “give God the glory”, which basically meant I would say that I did this thing, wrote this story, for Him. That, of course, was only partially true. Deep down, I really did it for myself. For fame. For money. For glory. But hey, at least I was saying the right thing.

The funny thing was, I never succeeded. I knew I was creating good stories; stories people would probably like if they read them or saw them on the big screen, but it was as if there was an invisible forcefield that blocked all my creative endeavors from succeeding. It became the running joke in my family, actually. My failure was becoming something of legend.

But then, God came and asked me to do something. Most of you probably know about my angelic encounter with the angel Breakthrough, so I won’t go into it here. See it here.

Needless to say, for the first time, I decided to “link arms with God” and do what He wanted me to do, even though it sounded terrifying, stupid, and completely out of my comfort zone.

What Roland Buck wrote spoke to me so deeply because I had actually experienced this truth. God asked me to partner with Him, and I could very easily have said no. My wife and I often talk about that–what if I had let the call fade from my memory? What if I had let it sit idle for so long that it became something more out of a dream than reality? What if I had never made Finger of God? I would have never made Furious Love. How would my life be different? Would I still be thrashing around trying to get people to like my creations? How many people would still be locked in their old ways of thinking? I shudder at the thought.

But God, in His graciousness, is calling us to partner with him, but in the end, it’s up to us to say yes. He won’t hold us to it. If we say no, or forget, or hesitate, then He’ll simply move on to someone else, hoping they’ll say yes to His call. He’ll still love us outlandishly, and He won’t hold it against us, but we’ll lose out. Fear or apathy will have held us back from our destiny. I love how the Lord spoke to Roland and told him that “if you link arms with me, there will be joy and happiness in it for you.”

I’m living proof of that.


  • Denise

    That is a great book...I remember reading it a few years ago, but I'll pick it up again due to this entry!. Thank you for sharing your testimony about this. The encouragement that naturally comes along with the testimony is so valuable.

  • tammy love

    thank you so so much for what you are doing.. following the call is mind blowing and difficult at times.. a bit scary.. thank you

  • Sir Chris Britton III

    Great stuff bro. For real. Reading this helped me out sooo much today! Thank you so much

  • Bonnie Saunders

    Yes I agree! Linking arms with God is so awesome! What JOY! This is so powerful!

  • Mike C

    I agree and have read Roland's buck several times to extract all the truth that is in it! Amazing how God confirms His word! I followed your journey and read that book among others at the sametime! Its amazing how your reading that book too! I believe God knew I would write this entry at this exact time and post it on this day! Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness!

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