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A New Movie, A Sleeping Bride

Here we are again. As I stand on the verge of my next major film, this one about the Person and character of the Holy Spirit, I can’t help but take a deep breath to ponder how I’ve gotten here, as well as what might be in store for us.

First, the movie: it’s going to be called Holy Ghost (you’re going to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you pop this in the old DVD player), and it’s shaping up to be one wild ride. When I finished Father of Lights, I was certain that I was done making these kinds of “God adventure” movies. The fact is, I was tired–physically and creatively, and I needed a nice long break. But the other reason I said I was done was because, honestly, I was done–and still am. That journey–the journey of Finger of God, Furious Love, and Father of Lights–has come to an end. It’s a journey that culminated in my friendship with God, and there is nowhere for that particular story to go anymore. So with Holy Ghost, I’m going to be starting a new journey, with a new artistic vision and style, and I’m going to walk it out as a friend of the living God. That, more than anything, excites me the most.

But what is interesting as I look back and see what God has done over the last 7 years, not only in my life, but throughout the world through these crazy films of mine, is that things are beginning to come more into focus for me. I never wanted to be a revolutionary. I just wanted to live a normal life and not be forced to do anything weird that might make me uncomfortable. But friendship with God brings certain…expectations along with it. First and foremost, you have to do what He says. All friendship is built on trust, and to grow deeper you have to not only trust Him, but give Him reason to trust you in return.

I heard a word the other day that struck a chord in my spirit, and I’ll be curious to see if my destiny will continue to play out in this direction. It’s not one I would have ever chosen, but am willing to walk alongside if God so chooses. The word was: reformation. I’ve always known that most of the films I make are essentially for the church–to help wake up the sleeping giant of love and change that God is calling us to be. But to have a true reformation–where millions of people willingly step into the change God is calling us to, will require a united Body who wants only what He wants. If my films can play even a tiny part in that global reformation, I will die a happy man.

Holy Ghost may be a new journey, a new story, and a unique expression of our artistic hearts, but in the end I hope that it will be another gentle nudge to the sleeping bride. It’s time to wake up, sweetheart. It’s time to wake up. The world is waiting for you. Your king is waiting…

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