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A Tour With The Father

As I flew out to Redding, California in early July, I honestly had no idea what I was about to get myself into.  For months, my team at Wanderlust and I had been planning an unprecedented Tour involving 40 cities in 3 countries where we would try to gather thousands of people from many different streams of faith to come together under one roof and experience a film about the very heart of God.  I had some idea that people were going to be into this (based on our wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and the pre-sales of tickets), but I was wholly unprepared for the scene that would meet me at Bethel.

Everyone kept asking me if I was nervous, and until I arrived at Bethel, I honestly wasn’t.  For the first time in three films, I KNEW that this movie was going to rock people to the core.  God had thrown the doors of heaven wide open for us and we had captured some truly remarkable things.  My team and I had grown as filmmakers and storytellers, and I was fully confident that the fruit from this film was going to be amazing.  That being said, all that good will and confidence evaporated as soon as I stepped foot inside Bethel.

In retrospect, I should have known it would be like this.  No matter how good looking  your child is, there is always some trepidation when you first introduce them to others.  Father of Lights was not just my new baby, but it was the baby I feel most closely resembles the film I was born to make.  I was proud of every second of this movie, and here I was about to show it to the entire world (it was also being streamed for free on iBethel.TV)!  Only a fellow artist can probably truly relate to what I was feeling, but I remember I just wanted to get it all over with.  I just prayed everyone would laugh, cry, and cheer when they were supposed to.

Well, if you were one of the (perhaps) millions that night who watched, you know that the public responded quite well to this movie.  I am often so insulated in my little studio in Chicago that I lose all perspective as to the global impact these films are having, but doing this Tour, I’m beginning to get a glimpse, and it is awe-inspiring and highly humbling. We broke records on iBethel.TV, and each night 1000 or more people are showing up in various cities to watch a CHRISTIAN DOCUMENTARY.  I don’t quite know what to do with that fact.  Add to this the knowledge that I didn’t even want to do my first film, and God’s grace, favor, and amazing patience with me is astounding.

I have learned two things in particular during the first month of this Tour.  The first is that our fans are, hands down, the best, most amazing set of people in the world.  I know of no other movie that would cause people to drive 10 hours just to watch it, but each night I am meeting people who have piled their family or friends into a car and have driven 5 hours + to get there, and will be turning right around to drive back home as soon as the movie has ended.  You guys are all amazing.

The second thing is how radical God’s love is.  Every night I have watched as God drops a love bomb on 1000 people, and amidst the salvations, healings, and restoration that is happening during ministry afterwards, it becomes apparent that this movie is just the opening shot for God’s real purpose that night.  He doesn’t just want people to be impressed by Him, He wants to meet them one on one, engage with them, love on them, and PROVE to them that He is their Daddy.  I am witness to this night after night, and every time it’s the same scene.

I’ve often said that I just want to be the donkey the King rides in on, and during this Tour I am seeing the King made manifest during the viewing and especially in the aftermath of this film.  These movies are designed to make Him famous, but I’m beginning to see that fame is not His goal.

No, His goal is singular and it is obsessive.  His goal is nothing short of your heart.


  • Doug Addison

    Darren I was really proud of the way you pressed through with the entire project from beginning to end. I watched it live on iBethel.tv and it was fun to experience the audiences reactions. Thanks for giving your life to bringing the Father's love to the world.

  • Sherri Bjarnarson

    Even your musings make me cry like a baby! I thought I was undone with Finger of God and then Furious Love. I simply had no idea. I could not wait to attend the tour in MN (I live fairly close to Green Bay WI), so watched the iBethel.TV webcast and cried and clapped and cheered and praised God and cried. Then I could not wait for my very own deluxe edition so I asked a friend near Columbus OH to purchase it on the tour there and mail to me and then I cried again! Have watched movie three times now and am overwhelmed every time. If ever a 'Move of God' could be started by a movie, this is the one! I say YES Lord and thank you, all of you at Wanderlust for your faithfulness!

  • Spiro

    I think this documentary will be a real game changer for the Kingdom. I have always wondered what it would be like if Steven Spielberg got saved and did a documentary. I don't wonder any more. I can't wait until a church in Upstate North East (Rochester,Buffalo) picks this up. Until then i will be buying it when it is released.

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