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After the lull…

 Ah yes, the wonderful feeling of not having to travel anywhere or be in charge of a group of people or worry about equipment malfunctions…hmm, seems that wonderful feeling is about to come to an end.  Not that I’m compaining, mind you, there’s not much I enjoy more than going around the world to make God’s movies.  But after the relatively breathless way we filmed in Tanzania, Indonesia, and then Salem, I have to admit that I was looking forward to having a little time to just teach my classes and be with my family for a couple of months.  But alas, our next trip is quickly approaching, and this one is going to be, perhaps, the most intense filming experience of my entire life.

It goes without saying that I now ask those of you who follow along with me on these crazy adventures to pray for me and my crew as we head out into the great unknown.  In less than two weeks, we will be traveling to Thailand to find God in the midst of one of the most horrific and base debauchery in existence today.  The sex trade.  Of course, this is all assuming that the airport in Bangkok opens by the time we head over there!

I covet your prayers.  I cannot stress enough how influential the people of God can be when they come together in common purpose to ask their Father for something for someone else.  And all I am asking for you to pray for is that God shows Himself in Thailand.  That’s it.  I don’t care about enjoying myself (I don’t expect to considering where we’re going and what we’re going for), nor do I care about seeing a new part of the world (although, I admit, I will enjoy it–I always do).  I only care that God does what He has promised me He would do: reveal Himself in dark places to show the world how much He loves us.  

When I started filming Furious Love this summer, three days before I was to leave for Tanzania, the Lord gave me a very, very clear picture of how I was supposed to start this movie.  I was in that in between stage of sleep, where you’re not quite awake and you’re not quite asleep, and this picture of a woman’s face exploded into my mind, and I saw her on the ground with lots of people around her, and I saw what my camera was supposed to do to capture that moment.  It was odd, because that has never happened before.  But I thought the Lord was probably giving me an idea of the FEEL He was going for in the beginning (it was very  much like a horror movie, to be honest).  But then, on the first night of filming in Tanzania, I found myself staring through my camera at that exact face, on that exact floor, doing that exact thing I had seen in my dreamstate.  That’s when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord was behind this film.

Why do I bring that story up now?  Because on Sunday afternoon, while sitting in church, I was overcome.  I wasn’t even thinking about my film, when suddenly I felt the Spirit of the Lord come upon me and I just saw this picture of this woman, and I knew what was happening around her.  And I saw what she did.  But more importantly, I FELT what this would feel like to those who watched it, and I began to cry, because the power behind what was happening was unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in a film before.  

So I guess the question now is whether or not this is something the Lord has shown me.  You can be sure I’ll be keeping my eye out for that woman and that moment.  And I’ll be sure to let you know if the phenomenon happens again once I return.  But I am also just as certain that that scene won’t happen, and won’t be captured, if the prayers of His people don’t ask for it.  I know I’ll be asking for it, and those who have committed to pray for me will ask for it.  Now I ask that you will ask for it as well.  

Thank you in advance.


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  • David Metz

    Wow, that's so cool!!! I've actually had things like that happen before, God is so awesome!!!!!!

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