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 It’s one thing to know that something big is about to happen.

It’s another thing entirely to watch it unfold right before your eyes.

Furious Love premiered in over 500 locations in 19 countries around the world last night.  I attended two premiere’s here in Chicago last night, one of which had over 1000 people in attendance.  I stood there and watched all these people stream in; they had all gotten babysitters, paid their hard earned money, and ventured out into the cold night to come see a movie I made.  My crew, Matt and Braden, stood by my side all night, and we kept looking at each other in disbelief.  How could this be happening? 

We spoke to the crowds, not really knowing what we were saying.  Then the movie began.  I kept hearing audible gasps, crying, and words of praise to a God who was suddenly becoming bigger than ever to everyone in the theater.  The movie ended, and streams of people began filing to the front.  So many came forward that the churches putting this on had to go recruit more people to help pray.  A witch got saved.  I met two young girls afterwards who accepted Christ at the showing.  People walked up to me afterwards in a daze, not knowing exactly what to say, so they just mumbled "thank you".  The whole thing was surreal and humbling.  

And now there’s today.  The testimonies are beginning to pour in.  All around the world people are waking up to the reality of God’s ferocious love for them; for those around them.  People are getting saved.  Many are still trying to process what they saw, what they experienced.  

I spent 18 months living with this thing, experiencing all of this firsthand.  I had some of the most intense spiritual experiences of my entire life while sitting alone in my studio, putting this story together.  Often times I would emerge like an animal coming out of hibernation–shocked that there was still a world filled with bright lights and loud cars.  I made this movie in a sort of spiritual cocoon, and now I’m realizing that those who watch it are entering that cocoon as well.  When many of them emerge, they are, like me, new creatures.  More beautiful than they were before, simply because their eyes have been freshly opened to the majesty, power, and greatness of Love incarnate.  

Many churches are scrambling to set up more showings of the film, and that’s exactly what I hoped would happen.  Use this film as a launching pad to more and more opened eyes, but then take it further.  This film is not the revolution.  It is simply the spark.  

You are the real revolution.


  • Marty Reitzin

    Darren, The Lord showed me that a good movie will evoke emotions, but Furious Love invoked the presence of God. You are on to something my brother. Don't stop. Over 120 saw it in Santa Barbara and much of the same happened that you are describing on a smaller scale. So God Bless you and your team. Keep it up. Marty Reitzin Director- Goleta Valley Healing Rooms

  • Nora

    Thank you so much for your faithfulness in seeing this through. I was blessed to be able to view it on ibethel.tv which was an awesome blessing because Furious Love was not shown near by. I can't wait to see it again. God richly bless you and your family and everyone involved.

  • Lela

    Wilson I just want to say that I just love to read your writing, Gods words just flow from you so clearly and eloquently that it blows my mind. I have not seen the film as of yet but have plans to see it on thursday. God bless you for listening to the call and blessing us with your obediance.

  • Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson

    Man I just wanted to let you know that this movie has made an impact here in Iceland, and for me in two ways, i felt i was getting dry and wanted to quit the race, and your movie inspired me to keep going, keep fighting because all of it is worth it when his love is around you, and i know you impacted others in this way too here in Iceland. Secondly it impacted me to wake up, because it has been a dream in me to make movies, i'm going to film school here in Iceland, and i've felt God stirring a longing in me to make movies that impact others and inspire people just like you did with your movie. So your movie has been a blessing for my life, and my country and i want to thank you for that, and i'll be praying for you!

  • Denise

    There was a lot of cheering afterwards at the church I where I saw it. I loved so much of the film, and am so happy to hear that salvations are occuring because of it. Wonderful, wonderful. It's awesome that this movie exists. I thank God for His Love and leading you, Darren, to do this film (and Finger of God) and that you answered.

  • Maxine

    Just "happened" to turn on CBN today and saw your interview and comments by guests Pastor John and Carol Arnott. All very inspiring! This is the 1st time I have heard about your movies and am very positively impressed! By viewing the CBN website I located the website for Finger of God and have really enjoyed reading in detail the development of the movie. Thank you for making the DVD's available for purchase. I will be following up with orders, Darren. God bless your obedience!!!

  • S.R. Tharp

    I saw you on the 700 club yesterday. I am a film maker and wow. I am going to purchase Finger of God and furious love. You are a fellow solider and I salute you Bro. Take it all for the Kingdom

  • Michael Morejon

    Thanks for letting us watch it on ibethel.tv I saw it twice, it was so amazing!!! I'm gonna buy it, I want to get the deluxe ed. to see what I didn't see. Keep making movies!!! We need more creative people like yourself in the body of Christ, who aren't afraid to do works like this. God bless you Darren, and thank you, and most importantly, thank you Jesus!!!

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