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An Update On Filming Holy Ghost

“Nearly 60% of Americans who regularly attend Christian church say there is no such thing as the Holy Spirit—they say the Holy Spirit is just a symbol of God’s power or presence or purity.”
—George Barna, Barna Research Group

When I heard the above quote from George Barna recently, my jaw dropped. I wasn’t simply shocked that, apparently, so many Christians had such a shallow view of one of the key members of the Trinity, but also because, well, I happen to be making a movie ABOUT the very Person the majority of Christians apparently don’t even believe in!

Being a filmmaker is a funny thing. I suppose this is true of most artists, but I think it might be ramped up a little more for filmmakers because of the nature of the medium we work with. For the last year I have spoken of little else beyond my newest film, Father of Lights. When I meet new people, it is all they want to talk about. When I do interviews, that’s what we’re focusing on. What is funny about all this is the fact that as an artist I have moved on from that film, and all of my focus and energy is honed in on the movie I am currently making—but of course I can’t talk about this one because I’m in the middle of making it and no one has seen it yet!

But I want to talk about this film, because this film is going to be important for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason deals with the opening quote I gave you—we’re going to show the world, and specifically, the Church, the truth. This movie is going to introduce the worldwide Church to the Person they least understand, the very one most of them don’t even believe in anymore. The second reason is more personal. When I finished Father of Lights, I made no bones about the fact that I was done making these kinds of films. There were other movies, other artistic expressions of faith that I was (and still am) passionate about. And if we really barrel down to the truth, I realized that this trilogy I had created was a perfect little time capsule of my own journey into the supernatural and friendship with God. It felt complete. Finished.

But then God hijacked my best laid plans and pushed me to make this new film. I can’t promise much at this stage, but I can promise a few things. First, Holy Ghost is going to be our most beautiful film to date, hands down. Our equipment is better and our personnel is better. You’re not going to believe how pretty this thing will be.

But what about the content? I have to admit that I was worried going into this process. I worried whether or not what we filmed would feel anti-climactic after the majestic, miraculous ending of Father of Lights. Could anything top that? The answer, I am happy to say, is yes.

God is ultimately in total control of this film, and so far He is proving to be one incredible Director. We have completed two shoots so far (Brazil and India) and I can say without hesitation that we have already captured things that rival ANYTHING we have filmed. Ever. God is pouring out His Spirit upon this film in a way I never dreamed possible. It’s as if we’ve tapped into something He’s been dying to say to His bride, and He’s pulling out all the stops to make sure the world knows that the Holy Spirit is very real, and very much alive.

We still have many more shoots to go before we wrap in January. The only question now isn’t whether God is going to show up in greater, more amazing ways for this film. The real question is: will I be able to fit all of these adventures into one film, or am I filming two movies right now?

Only time will tell…


  • Alycia

    ...very true. Awesome. Can't wait to experience the fullness of Holy Spirit where I live in the ways you are filming. Thanks for doing what you do and being who you are. :) Oh and how do we get people to understand that Holy Spirit isn't a mere concept and an actual Person, a Living God? Yes, rhetorical. Only time will tell...

  • Pete

    Holy Ghost parts 1, 2 and 3 maybe Darren? Sort of like Lord of the rings only much better because it isn't fantasy, it's real.

  • Ben

    I have been a believer in God since I was 12. Jesus saved me from my sins and became Lord of my life when I was 18. Now at 50, for the first time, I understand and am soaking in the incredible, furious love of Jesus! After watching the films Father of Lights and Furious Love the Holy Spirit is rocking my world and transforming the way I 'do church', worship Him and see others. Blessings on you

  • Eric

    Amen Ben! What grace! Praying for you Darren! by the way he is really ministering to me through your new book- more importantly I am even more encouraged to read His book!

  • Phris Diamond

    woooo! Im very excited about this film. It sounds like the content and context of this film will be very intriguing and a very good defense of the FULL christian faith. Go for it guys! GLORY. (let me know if anyone needs help in Dallas! :D)

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