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Anointed Fighters Cartoon

It seems a little strange at first, I realize, when you hear that Wanderlust Productions is working on a cartoon. After all, aren’t we just three guys with a studio at Judson University, who make documentaries about the wonders of God around the world? Where did a cartoon come from?

The truth is, I wanted to write a cartoon long before I wanted to do anything else.

In film school, my dream was to write for animation. 12 years later, my professor still remembers the animated script I wrote back then with fondness, and upon graduation I was set to begin a writing gig for VeggieTales. But then, everything fell through and I was now newly married with no job. I had to hustle. So I called up an old professor at Judson and asked if they had any openings for adjunct work. I got the gig 3 days before classes began. Fortunately for me, they couldn’t get rid of me!

While filming my film with UFC fighter Ken Shamrock, I came across the ministry of Danny White, called Anointed Fighter. While looking through his stuff, I saw an idea for an animated series of the same name, and I was intrigued. I asked about it, and he had been dreaming about this series for years, but didn’t have the money to finance or produce it. I asked if I could take a shot at a pilot script, and he said sure.

I have three children of my own, and in all honestly, I am making this for them. Eventually, Wanderlust will step into making narrative films, and this is like our first foray into that world–stepping out of simply making documentaries. I wrote the script, we did all the voices and pre-production, and will be handling all the post-production once the animators have finished. It will be a 30 minute cartoon, but we’re pouring everything we have into this thing, trying to make it feel as cinematic as possible. But the story is what we’re most excited about. It’s got plenty of action, spiritual questions, and of course, kung fu.

We wanted to make the absolute coolest, thought provoking cartoon we could, and we sure hope we succeed! Right now, we’re hoping to release Anointed Fighters sometime this summer. Keep an eye out for the teaser trailer over the next few months!

UPDATE: The cartoon is now available on DVD!


  • John

    Awesome! Can't wait :)

  • Ferl

    With the "fighting" I do --> Dagorhir, I see big kids, me included who fun fight with an array of home mad safe weaponry. A friend has a group meeting at his church/gym who teaches sword & board as a connection with teen to teach spiritual life lessons. It seem boys especially have that ingrained in them. Darren you will catch a sliver of zeal that is waiting to be birthed. I know we wrestle not flesh and blood, but our spirits leap with joy when goodness triumphs. Let the lesson begin, this kid can't wait.

  • jolene young

    Will you contact my e-mail address when this cartoon is available? Thanks so much!

    • Darren Wilson

      Jolene, if you click the link on the left side of our site that says "Sign Up For Email Updates", you will be notified upon the release or pre-order. Thanks!

  • Matt Moss

    I cannot wait until this is available. I am so excited. Praying for you guys.....

  • Michael

    so where's this thing at?

  • Niels

    Hello Darren, Can you tell me for what age group this cartoon will be suitable? And also please get this on the Dutch market!!! We are in need of cartoons like this. And also in the Dutch language. If you need help with the translation please contact me. If you know filmmakers who also make of have made these kinds of cartoons then please let me know because I feel there is an urge to get good Godinspired animation movies to my country to keep the children safe from wrong influences. Thank you and God bless!

  • Jennifer Bremerman

    Is this still something that's in the works? (Fingers crossed)

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