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Another New Beginning

 Well, here we are, a few days before embarking on our next adventure.  Filming for our next feature, the follow up to Finger of God entitled Furious Love, will begin on July 20 in Tanzania.  Things are a lot different this time around.  I can still remember the feeling I had when I started filming Finger back in May 2006.  It was like jumping off a cliff into the fog, I had no idea what I was doing or how far I was going to fall, but I also knew I no longer had the choice to turn back.  Of course, I thought at the time that I was making a short film, maybe 45 minutes long.  Little did I know it would turn into a nearly two hour movie that would spread around the world like wildfire and change my life forever.  

My first interview was with Bill Johnson.  He is still my favorite interview to this day.  I was blessed to interview a lot of amazing people for Finger of God (many of whom didn’t even make the final cut of the movie!) but Bill was something special.  He had just flown in from South America, I believe.  It was 3 in the afternoon, incredibly hot, and he hadn’t even changed out of his flight clothes yet.  I felt like a jerk for making him interview with me under those conditions, but I was a nobody and this was the only time he could fit it in over the next two days.  I think I checked the settings on my camera 47 times while I was waiting for him.  We were at a conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin, and my parents decided to show up for the interview (we all like Bill’s preaching a lot) which was a little unsettling and a tad embarrassing as well.  I mean, here you’re trying to give off a professional vibe to a guy you respect and admire, and your parents are sitting a short ways away smiling at you.  I felt like I was 10 years old again!  

But back to Bill.  The guy sat down, put on the mic, and was as polite and gracious as a person can be.  Just about everyone I interviewed did that, though, but Bill also nailed every question I asked him out of the park.  I mean, the guy didn’t even have to think about the answers he gave, he just answered like he was reciting his address or something.  I had never seen anything like it.  He really was the Rolls Royce of interviews.  

After that, people I had never met (and many I had never heard of before I was referred to them by people I trust) started saying yes to interviews, then yes to taking me out to the streets as they evangelize, and yes to having me join them on mission outreaches, and before I knew it, I was neck deep in amazing footage, wonderful experiences, and a complete and total shift in the way I view God and the church.  That first day I had no idea what lay ahead of me, and while I do have a better idea of the places I’ll be going for this next film, once again I find myself in that familiar (but no longer frightening) position of having no idea what I’m about to film or experience.  

If you enjoyed the first film, please pray for our next one.  We could use all the prayer you guys have, since we’re going to be going to some pretty dark places in the world to see what God’s light looks like in that darkness.  From July 20-29, we’ll be filming in Tanzania.  From August 12-19, we’ll be filming in Indonesia.  Please pray for both of those trips.  Pray that God will show up (if He doesn’t, we don’t have a movie), that light will conquer the darkness, and that the love of the Father will be made manifest on film in a way it has never been before.  

I will keep you posted on our progress with the next film.  In fact, we will soon have a website dedicated to it, and we’ll even be posting video blogs on there from on location so you can follow our filming progress.  

But right now, we’ve got a job to do in a place filled with darkness in East Africa.  Please pray for us.  And thank you for your love and support.  

More to come…

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  • Kimmie Holloway

    Hello, we just finished watching your DVD for the second time and noticed that you are, right now, filming your second movie in Indonesia (Aug '08). As we are Americans living in Australia we felt a special connection to your south Asia-Pacific shooting location. Our family just prayed for you that God will provide you many miracles to record for the benefit of others around the globe. If your travels bring you to Australia please let us know as we are here to help. In Him, Tim and Kimmie Holloway

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