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Back from India

 Hello to everyone who diligently prayed for us while we were filming in India.  I wanted to write a quick update so you all aren’t left in the dark, as I have discovered that people seem to actually read this blog and actually pray when I ask them to, so I figure the least I can do is keep it updated!  

First of all, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for those of you who prayed protection over us.  The biggest event that happened was probably my near death experience.  For weeks our hosts had been trying to get us on a particular train (the nice one) for our journey to Orissa where thousands of Christians are being massacred by militant Hindus.  We were going to be one of the first people to talk to these pastors who have had to watch their churches and their congregations be slaughtered in front of them.  But for whatever reason, my hosts just could not book us tickets on this train.  It was to be a very long, overnight trip, and they kept having issues trying to book us in the sleeper cars.  At the last minute, they finally had to book us on another train (this one not so nice) which was scheduled to leave shortly after the first train.

Well, the first train derailed on its way to Orissa, and something like 15 people were killed and hundreds were injured.  The sleeper cars in the front got it the worst, and that’s exactly where we would have been.  Apparently the train we WERE on was able to stop just 200 meters behind the wreck.  If they hadn’t gotten the signal to stop, we would have plowed into the other train going about 60 mph, and I would have been in a world of hurt!  But God’s protection was upon us, and I thank you sincerely for all of your prayer covering (and my wife and children do too!).  

So I never got to go to Orissa, but we will not be deterred.  There will be another event in April, and I have some people from India who will be filming and getting the testimonies for Furious Love, so you WILL hear about what is happening.  And trust me, it’s awful…

I was able to meet the most amazing people in the world while there, most specifially Shampa and her family.  I hesitate to use her last name, but needless to say you will meet her in Furious Love, and I will be filming with her in 2010 as well, as it appears there will either be a third film or Furious will become a two parter.  Still praying about that one, but we are getting so much amazing stuff, and the story is getting bigger and bigger and so entirely epic, well, maybe it’s two movies in one.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  No matter what, SOME part of Furious will be finished and ready to show by the end of the year!

But back to India.  We met some incredible people, did some amazing interviews, and even filmed a goat sacrifice, which was probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever witnessed.  But  more than anything, Shampa and her family were able to show me a love that I have never experienced before, and this was a trip that needed to happen, on a personal level, before I could fully be prepared to put Furious Love together.  For those of you who have seen Finger, you know how personal these films are for me.  I try to be as honest as possible, and simply give you the story as it happens, my own changes included.  Apparently people are changed themselves when they experience my journey alongside me.  So if you found yourself hungering for more of God’s power after Finger, get ready to be totally wrecked by His love in this one!  


  • David Metz

    Praise God!!! that's awesome!!!!

  • Jan Condron

    God has been working in my heart for the past two years, drawing me to a deeper and more powerful walk with Him. I sense watching this movie is a part of that process. I am in ministry, and evangelism is my passion, but I have been one of those like you who hasn't expected God to show up in powerful ways - so He doesn't. I'm frustrated and yet feeling like I am on the brink of something awesome. I feel like there should be some opportunities for people to go on missions trips to these places like you went. I don't know if I would go or if that is God's will, but it seems like the next step. I am praying God will give me the love and faith to take me wherever he wants me to go next. I'd appreciate your prayers for me -for His glory.Thanks for your courage making this film and to Jesus for putting all the pieces together for you - sounds like you just walked in it. God bless - can't wait to see more. Jan

  • Carol

    I saw Finger of God for the first time this week. Thank you, Brittney! It has haunted me in a good way ever since. Eager to watch it again and again!

  • Kevin M

    Jan - go to globalawakening.com and get to one of the healing conferences. After that, you can tap into one of the missions trips they offer. You will be changed, and you will experience God's power in new ways. Then you'll know without a doubt that YES, this is all God's will for you.

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