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Back from the darkness…

 First of all, let me thank everyone who was praying for us this past weekend as we were filming.  It was an intense time, a frustrating time, but in the end, it was very much a God time.  I apologize for not being able to tell you where we were filming, as I try to keep the places we’re filming as "pure" as possible in the sense that no one knows we’re coming.  Now, obviously, I can fill you in a little more.  

This past weekend we found ourselves walking around a witchcraft and occult festival in Salem, MA.  It was one of those shoots that is both exhilerating and draining.  I have to admit that I have never been more worn out after a day of filming as I was after Saturday night was over.  Making a movie about the living God–not some relic from the past mind you, but a God who is alive and active today–is one of the hardest things to do from an artistic and technical standpoint.  On the one hand, you need to figure out where you’re going to go (hint: let Hiim figure that out for you).  But that’s when the problems start.  I have a film crew and I brought a couple of trusted friends who move in incredible power with the Lord (for those of you who saw Finger, Jason Westerfield will be making another appearance in Furious Love–and yes, it was just as good as the last time!).  That’s all fine until you get to where you’re going and everyone turns to you and asks what you want to film.  Whatever the Lord wants to do, I reply.  But then you spend most of the day walking around trying to figure out what in the world God wants to do here!  

Along the way, we met some witches, experienced some "interesting" things, and also met a few Christians who were actually trying to bring the light to the darkness.  But for the most part, God was wholly absent from that place.  I learned a few valuable lessons while filming in Salem.  First, most witches aren’t devil worshipers.  In fact, most witches don’t even believe in the devil…or God.  They prefer to be called pagans or neo-pagans, and they are very postmodern in their worldview.  They kind of grab whatever they like from various religious systems.  Also, most witches believe in karma, so when they cast spells, they try to only cast those that will help people.  Strange stuff for a kid who grew up in the evangelical heartland.

As far as the occult festival itself went, we were all kind of weirded out by it–but not in the manner you might think.  I was expecting an enormous amount of heaviness in the atmosphere, but in all honesty, I’ve felt more spiritual "thickness", as I call it, when I used to go to Ann Arbor when I was still living in Michigan.  It felt like more of a vaccuum than anything else.  

Also, we were suprised that most people who visited this thing seemed to just really like Halloween.  Sure there were witches galore, but there were far more regular folks who just like to get scared, or visit psychics, or whatever.  

But here’s the great part, and this is what you’ll see in the movie.  Even in the midst of a place of total darkness, God was there.  It’s not like He’s afraid of anything, and He proved Himself and His love once again on the streets of Salem smack in the middle of  an occult festival.  You’ll have to watch the film to see what He did, but rest assured, God is alive and well, even where we might not think He would be found.  


  • John

    Darren, A HUGE thanks for living out your dream to God-hunt and film-make. For my 28th birthday yesterday, I received Finger of God and watched it twice last night. This is the best and most tasteful footage I have seen on the supernatural. I am currently training my youth group in evangelism and your film (and Bethel Church) stirred me toward Treasure Hunts. Thank you. Now for the Deluxe Edition and Furious Love.

  • John

    PART 2: Thanks for clarifying the basics of witchcraft worldview. I didnt know they were into the karma thing and thus mostly cast good spells. Hmmmm. Isn't it interesting how many lies surround movements? I am not a warlock. Yet I notice lies and negative stigma surround them as a peoplegroup-ish. That is is unjust.

  • Lisa

    I have never looked up any christian websites just because they are all the same. But there is just something different about this. I just saw your program on TBN which I don't really watch anymore. I was just drawn to check out what you are doing only because I understand what you are doing about this witchcraft karma. I just never knew how to explain it in words and here you are putting it on film. Great job I hope to support you not only in prayer but what ever way is needed. By the way I had a migrain headache and the gentleman on your program just prayed on TV and called it out and instintly it left and that is what moved me to look at your website. To God be all the GLORY!

  • April

    I just want to thank you for your film Finger of God. I have been praying for my husband for so long to turn his heart to Jesus. I watched the Film and then I was almost afraid to show him. But i turned it on and he couldn't stop watching. He says that film proves that God is real and does miracles today. Thanks so much. Glory to God!

  • Anne-Marie

    Tonight I tuned into Trinity Broadcasting Network and found your film playing. I will certainly buy the film and show it to whoever will listen. Thank you! The film could not be more timely for me. As I was reading your blog, I realized that I could write to you for prayer. My daughter is Wiccan. She thinks she is a "good witch," yet when she is angry she curses people ... including me and her brothers and sisters and anyone who angers her. She curses to bring death, disease, destruction, miscarriage, pestilence, and accident. Please pray for her deliverance and her salvation. Please pray protection over my children and grandchildren. I am personally fighting for my own life. I am a born again spirit filled believer but I have grown weary in battle. Please agree with me for total victory! God bless!

  • John & Rebekah Galvan

    Just watched Finger of God and were blown away. Keep on doing what God wants. We will have You and this Ministry in our prayers daily. We also pray that this Film will wake up the Church in the U.S.A.,too many Sunday pugh warmers in this Great country. We are glad that You are being obedient in this call of God, be strong and courageuos while out at work, (all of you), and know that God is on your side. Wait on Him, He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Trust Him for everything. Yes Jesus is alive and well!!!!!!!!!

  • David Metz

    Hi Darren, I own and LOVE Finger of God and am ecsatic about Furious Love. I first saw you on Sid Roth’s show back earlier this year. Have you thought of interviewing Lance Walnau, Kim Clement, or Becky Fischer? Praise GOD!!! May He Bless you!!!

  • Maricela

    Darren, Watched the Finger of God Movie on TBN. It is great and I will be purchasing the movie for our collection. I read about your new movie Furious Love. You need to contact Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas and ask about their Encounters Retreat. God is working wonders through this reconcilation and deliverance ministry.

  • Richard Steel

    Thankyou for your obedience to God's leading in making these awesome movies. I'm looking forward to your new one. We live in exciting days where miracles of Jesus Christ are becoming more widespread, and it will become increasingly tougher to deny His existence, His divinity, and His love for ever human being.

  • Jason

    Skools, I am proud of you. I have given "finger" (sorry, that just makes me laugh) to a few friends and one is going to buy it. I am sorry not to have gotten back to you re. my thoughts on the film. I will call soon. But to all those reading this blog I will tell you that Darren is the real deal and is not someone I would have expected to make something like this. So it's credible. Peace.

  • Mary Loh

    Hi Darren Been a while since we screened Finger of God in Singapore. I'm looking forward to Furious Love and will continue to pray for your projects. Blessings and protection and more and more evidence of His furious love

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