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Cast of Father of Lights

We are currently putting together a short, 30 second teaser for Father of Lights, and in the process I had to sit down and write out everyone who will be appearing in the film. The list is pretty impressive! Mind you, this list of names isn’t everyone–there may be a few surprises left, and we also filmed a number of people who we can’t name yet, but this should give you a good idea of the caliber of leaders we will be jamming into this movie.

Bill Johnson
Heidi Baker
Jesus Culture (they will be writing the theme song for the film)
Mike Bickle
Lou Engle
Andrew Wommack
Kris Vallotton
Philip Mantofa
Greg Boyd
George Barna
Randy Clark
Robby Dawkins
Doug Addison
Todd White
Majed El Shafie
Andrew Farley
Jack Deere
Banning Liebscher
Shawn Bolz
Matthew Barnett
Shampa Rice
and many more…

Get ready, this thing is going to be epic.


  • Ryan

    Talk about mixing covenants..

  • Ryan

    This is gonna be an epic film -- looking forward especially to hearing what Farley and Wommack have to bring to the lineup. :)

  • Ruan

    Cant Wait, so many awesome people. I thought something like this would never happens, its awesome!

  • Josh

    Awesome, I'm glad to see Todd White is in the cast! Plus bringing back Favorates. This film is going to be epic!

  • Jake

    No Jaeson Ma!?

  • Josh Hill

    I couldn't possibly be more excited! I love seeing some returners and am stoked to see what God is doing in and through the movie.

  • Bryan

    Majed is great. Strong character, crazy stories, real love for God to go through what that man has been through.

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