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Christ at a Korn Concert? Really?

It’s not everyday that you get to make rock n’ roll history.

I was filming in Des Moines, Iowa on a frosty November night, and I remember knowing that what we were doing was going to be controversial for sure, but there was no doubt that what I was seeing unfold in front of me was profoundly powerful.

A few months before this I was filming in Rome with my good friend, Todd White, when he asked me if there might be any way I could introduce him to Brian “Head” Welch, the lead guitarist from the hardcore band Korn.

Brian was now a born again believer, and had just recently returned to Korn after a 9 year absence. Before he became a Christian, Todd himself was steeped in the hardcore music culture, and there was still a part of him I think that wanted to redeem that old part of himself.

As soon as he asked me, an idea started forming in my head. What if I took Todd White, one of the most radical and bold evangelists in the world today, to a Korn concert and just let him loose there?

As soon as we got back in the States, I called up Brian and told him my idea. He was understandably freaked out by the idea, but to his credit, he was all for it.

After that, it was as simple as working things out with management, and a date was set to film.

My original idea was to film before the concert. We were going to go to some of the big time fans standing in line and ask them if they’d like to meet some of the band. We’d then go back to the tour buses, where it was a quiet, controlled environment, and Brian and Todd would talk to them about God and hopefully pray for them.

At that point, it would be in God’s hands.

This was a great plan until I arrived at the venue and got a better look at the tour buses. They were simply too cramped for our cameras to be able to capture things in the way I wanted, so while Todd and Brian got to know each other, I feverishly started to pray, “God, what do I do?”

I heard it clearly and immediately. “Take them out to the crowd and cause a ruckus.”

I hesitated.

I didn’t want to tell God that His idea was problematic, but then again, I wanted to tell God that His idea was problematic. Right then, as I was trying to figure out the best way to point out the various problems of God’s plan to Him, Brian turned to me and asked, “So Mr. Director, what do you want to do?”

I told Brian that I didn’t think he was going to like it, but I think we were supposed to go out to the crowd standing in line and just start praying for people. Because this was such a last minute idea, there would be no security. Brian just pursed his lips and nodded his head, thinking.

“That’s interesting,” he then said, “because last night I had a dream about filming with you and that’s exactly what we did. So if you didn’t say it, I was going to suggest it.”

Well played, God, well played.

So we headed out to the crowd, with both Brian and Fieldy, the bass player in the band and another born again believer in tow, and what followed was simply electric. Within minutes we were surrounded by nearly a hundred kids, an atheist was healed, and about 40 kids accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior. The guys were so pumped we decided to do it again after the concert.

Sure enough, another 20 or so kids accepted Jesus, many were healed, and Brian and Fieldy realized what they were capable of using their celebrity for on the road.

For the next Korn tour, Brian and Fieldy made a concerted effort every night to gather 100+ fans together after the concert was over to tell them their testimony, pray for them, and offer them a new life in Christ.

While there has been some debate as to whether or not it is “okay” for Brian and Fieldy to remain in a band like Korn after they have become Christians, I think it is safe to say to the now thousands of kids who have been saved as a result of going to a rock show would have no objections.

Let me know your point of view in the comments below.

This Story is From:

Holy Ghost. You can watch this story as it unfolded because captured it on film. See this and more stories in the full movie available now.


  • Lucie Světloňová

    The rock show in the movie was a turning point in my life. I saw how Jesus is healing and saving those lost kids through Todd. I felt a great desire to do and see the same things so I decided to give up one sin even though it had serious consequences for me. Right now, I am free and I can grow in serving God and I see what cool things God does.

  • Sacha Semitjov

    I have also questioned if people like Brian, Nicko Mc Brain, Alice Cooper and more, really could whole heartedly be God's and at the same time standing behind the lyrics of what many of these songs contain. F ex. Many of the Iron Maiden songs are clearly occult. Also there are strong speculations about both Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harrison having freemason connections. I cannot vouch for that, but man of the symbolism on their albums are "not godly" to say the least. I myself, left a band, because of another member claiming to be a christian. Although not having any intension of lining up his life according to scripture and Jesus word. I felt that I could not sit behind him as a drummer, having him as a front man talking about (or rather mentioning) about heaven and hell and making a choice, yet not living/acting as a good example for others to follow, becoming a hypocrite in their eyes (1 Tim 4:16). I understand now that it is the holy sprit's work in us that changes us, but also our response to God's word that leads to repentance, that makes a christian. No repentance - no christian. We are to live in this world, yet not be a part of this world, sharing in that lifestyle (Rom 12:1-2) What are your thoughts?

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