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 11 days until the premiere of Furious Love at Bethel Church, in Redding, California.  (Super Bowl Sunday–what was I thinking!?)

18 days until the film is released to the world.

I can hardly wait.

A couple of weeks ago, less than 100 people had seen the film, and most of them were pastors.  Even so, I received reports of at least 3 people having accepted Christ as a result of seeing this movie.  I can’t wait until 250,000 eyeballs have a chance to experience the awesome spectacle of God’s radical love for them.  

It’s a weird experience sometimes for me, because we’ve worked on this film for nearly two years, and I’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into it to, watched as my family sacrificed their time with me so I could complete this thing, and have had my own faith stretched and tested to the point of being completely overwhelmed.  Obviously I have a lot invested in this film and the impending release, but without question the most rewarding aspect is going to be the testimonies and the stories of God’s grace and mercy that will inevitably pour in once people see it.  Don’t be afraid to share those stories with us, or think we don’t care.  Those stories are life giving to us, and in particular to me.  I’ve alway said that I cannot foresee making another film as important as this one (until, I’m sure, the final film in the trilogy begins!), and sitting back now, with the film out of my hands, I can only look forward to God’s spirit moving over His people as they see, many for the first time, what His love for them actually looks like.  

Churches continue to pour in at the last minute, which is great for us, but is stretching our distribution company to the brink.  If you’re still waiting for your materials, bear with us.  They’re pulling 20 hour days at this point trying to keep up with the demand.  

As for the rest of you who are just waiting to see the film, please begin praying for the 14th of February.  Pray for God to begin even now to lay the groundwork for a true revolution of love in His name.  If we are to love others, we must first know that love ourselves.  My hope and prayer is that this film will help every one of you to know, truly and deeply, how much He cares for you.  Making this showed me that, and it has branded me and changed me forever.   

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  • Denise Baum

    Awesome! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes at Bethel. That's so cool there have been salvations received already!

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