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Closing in

 One hour is finished.  Probably around 30 minutes left to go and the rough cut for Furious Love will be complete.  Over the past month or so I’ve taken 150 hours of footage and compressed it down to 60 of the most electrifying footage I could ever hope for.  The hardest part of this whole process isn’t putting the thing together, it’s having to wait to show it to you all!  I want to just start throwing bits and pieces online for everyone to check out because they’re so much fun, but then I realize that’s it’s kind of like Christmas.  If I let you open a few presents ahead of time, pretty soon you won’t have the full experience come Christmas Day.  

That being said, my friend Sondra of Heartstone Pictures recently came to Chicago to check out the first half (her exact words: "I love Finger of God, but this movie makes it look like a small child.") and shoot some promo stuff with me in my studio.  Heartstone is going to be heading up our release of Furious Love in February, so make sure you check them out at www.heartstonepictures.com.  If you haven’t signed up yet to be a host for the Furious Love Event on February 14, you can do it through their site.  If you’ve already signed up through our site, you’re covered.  They’ll simply take over for us and will receive your info.  

Churches continue to sign up at a pretty good pace, and we haven’t even started really publicizing it.  Thanks for all of you who are getting the word out grassroots style–we need you more than anything!  You’ll soon start to hear some very big names coming forward to endorse this film and this event, but please realize that in the world of media and distribution, it’s the word of mouth that gets everyone’s attention, and ultimately makes something a success.  Our goal is literally for thousands (if not tens of thousands) of churches to come on board and make this a truly historic event.  The movie, I can assure you, will speak to everyone, regardless of your denomination or your charismatic/non-charismatic persuasion.  It’s not about miracles (those divisive things that we can’t seem to agree on as a body) but is ultimately about the love of the Father breaking into the extreme darkness of our sin, of our world, and completely captivating all who encounter it.  I promise you, you have never seen anything like this!  I sure haven’t, and I’m making the thing!  

Heartstone will also be releasing little promo videos where I talk about different scenes and the process I take to put the film together.  I’ll be sure to update here when that happens, so keep an eye out.  

And keep telling your friends and your pastors about what God is going to do on Valentines Day, 2010.  Don’t let your church miss out!

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