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Darren's Appointment With The Holy Ghost

I will freely admit that I am terrified by my new film, Holy Ghost.  Everything about it is designed to push me out of my comfort zone, both spiritually and creatively.  Not only is it dealing with the one member of the Trinity that I still don’t feel I have a good understanding of, but I’ve made a conscious decision to depart as much as possible from the aesthetics of my previous 3 films while putting this one together.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well, it kind of means I’m going to try to make this film look and feel as different as possible from the other three.  Some people may (and indeed, already have) told me this is a mistake, since I’ve built up a great fan base with my “aw shucks” approach to my subject matter.  It’s my honesty, they say, that makes these films so endearing to people.  My response?  That’s exactly WHY they have to change!  Let me explain.

For my first three films, I was on a journey of discovery from a place of complete ignorance.  The telling of that journey, therefore, carried with it a kind of naive, wide-eyed wonder at what I was seeing all around me.  The world was becoming a different place—a place where miracles happened, where a war was raging, and where the love of a Father was the answer to everything.  But when those journeys came to an end, I was a different man.  A different son.  I have been given new eyes to see the world, and if I’m going to begin a new journey, I need to acknowledge that fact.  Actually, I would be dishonest if I took the same approach, since it would imply that I have no knowledge of what I’m heading into.

So what will it look like, then?  Honestly, I have no idea.  I have a few ideas.  I want it to be firmly grounded in reality, “earthy” is how I describe it to people.  It’s tempting to take the Holy Spirit to places of mysticism and experiential theatrics, but I want to ground Him firmly in reality, because ultimately, this is where He works everyday.  In the dirty, guttural levels of our existence.  I want to meet him there, then, and hang out for a bit.  You’re going to see real people in real places experiencing a very real God.  We’re going to push the creative limits whenever possible.  My goal is best explained this way.  When you start the movie, if you’re a previous fan, your first thought will be, “Wow, this is different.”  Hopefully that will be followed quickly by, “But it’s really cool!”

One other reason I feel the need to change things up a bit is due to expectation.  There is a natural tendency, with “sequels”, to feel the pressure to fill them with bigger, better, and more outlandish things—to push the envelope.  While this is fine in a narrative film where CG budgets can be tweaked, in a film like this, where a film only exists if God Himself actually shows up, that whole idea is abhorrent to me.  I don’t want the pressure of feeling as if I’ve got to get God to outdo Himself somehow, and I don’t want to turn these films into a panting hype-fest either.  When God shows up, it’s raw and powerful.  I think God showing up in real, unique, and unexpected ways will never get old.  That doesn’t mean we’re not going to do our best to position ourselves in locations where Him showing up will be…shall we say…impressive.  But that’s the nature of the movie business.  My job is to walk that fine line between entertainment and holiness.  Which is why partnering with the Holy Spirit and getting His perspective on things is crucial—and something that makes this leap of faith the greatest risk I’ve ever taken.

So what about this Holy Spirit?  Well, from the sheer amount of opinions I’ve received in just the few weeks of our Kickstarter campaign for the film, it appears that I am heading into treacherous waters.  Everyone, it seems, has a set position on the Holy Spirit and his role in the world and our lives.  Some people are yelling at me to focus on tongues.  Others are mad that I am focusing on the word “experience”.  Some are accusing me of turning the Holy Sprit into some kind of show.  I have friends who view the Holy Spirit as a personal friend, and others who believe He is more of a providential force.  The whole debate is enough to give me a headache.

All I know for sure is this: The Holy Spirit is a Person, which means He must have a personality.  The Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to be our helper and comforter, and to ultimately point all of us to Jesus.  The Holy Spirit operates very much in power.  The Holy Spirit is the most abused, misunderstood, ignored and maligned Person of the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit needs to show up in a very real, tangible way for me to be able to make this movie.

Beyond that, let the journey begin.


  • Joette Collins

    Darren, It helped me years ago to pray, "Lord, please help me to not grieve, insult, or quench Your Spirit in any way." I began to gain a sensitivity to Him and a clarity of purpose to know Him more deeply. May the Lord bless you as you seek to know Him and make Him known. Surely He is with You and will accomplish this as you purpose to be pleasing to Him alone. Joette Collins

  • Garret Lamson

    This new direction your taking sounds like the work of the Holy Spirit in your life! LOL! It's going to be an awesome journey, and I am excited for the ripple effect it will have throughout the Body of Christ. Much love and prayers for the Wanderlust team in Jesus name! Praise the Holy Spirit!

  • Sheralee Bell

    Darren, I admire your honesty and guts! I know that whatever you and Holy Spirit come up with will be awesome. Keep pressing in!

  • Ana Schleifer

    I believe that the Holy Spirit is leading you. Period. The most important thing is that you remain obedient. Period. It is His voice that you are to be lead by and no one else. Period. I look forward to the finished product. The exciting thing is that He gave you a vision and the arrival to that is already amazing because it is already done. He saw the end to this vision when He created you. The journey that leads to the vision is what will be trying, but know that there is an exciting end that was written in the heavens by His amazing hand. Be blessed! Excited for this new journey we are taking together! Shalom, Ana :)

  • Johnny boy

    So many have opinions because they want others to accept their opinions in order that they feel validated. We need to get beyond this divisional noise into His truth. Father, Son, Holy Spirit...LORD God, we want to know You for who You know Yourself to be. Your truth alone. Lead Darren as he places his trust in You on this new journey. May your Love, Joy and Peace rest upon Him so that he can rest in Your provision with full confidence of Your power and Your truth. Amen :)

  • ross ainsworth

    Relax , That Holy Spirit has been with you a long time . Yes , I have had some very entertaining things and situations He put me into . Just testing you . Just speak the words of the Father into a natural situation that only God can do and have faith . Faith in what ? Faith in the word and know it shall be done for you . The supernatural part is soon revealed . so , now you are a son of God and have an inheritance , and you got the power to His words into action , la te da , have a good day you and be ready to see the suprise tomorrow . Keep up the good work . Ross Ainsworth

  • Peter Clayton

    Darren! Beloved brother, THANK YOU for sharing your heart, thoughts & being willing to take a risk as you pursue your friendship with Holy Spirit. I can relate: I've been on a wonderful adventure & "wild-ride" myself getting to know him personally these past 3 years...! "Holy Spirit - You are AWESOME, WONDERFUL & GLORIOUS!!! Continue to pour out ever increasing amounts of Your FAVOR into Darren's life & ministry for Your Glory!!! In Jesus' mighty name I pray, Amen!"

  • Olivia Emery

    I am so glad you are doing this. I just started Bible college at World Revival School of Ministry a year ago, and I thought I knew about the Holy Spirit. What I found out is that I knew a little, but not nearly enough. To me the Holy Spirit made me speak in tongues, and that was about it. But as I went through classes I heard teaching that taught me that the Holy Spirit empowers us to prophesy and declare with empowered speech. Over and over I read passages that read, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me..." and almost every time, people start talking. If they don't talk, they usually kill someone (Samson was a person favorite). I never knew that the Holy Spirit had come upon me to get me talking. I'm so excited to see how this film impacts people. The Holy Spirit is so misunderstood, and this film is going to bring so much enlightenment! Can't wait!

  • Jerry

    Just make sure you know the distinction between the Holy Spirit and the unholy spirit before you embark on this project. And be sure you pray and fast as well as ask other people to do the same thing for you before you start and during the production.

  • Chuck Passarelli

    All I can say is THANK YOU. I first encountered "you" when I came across your movie Furious Love. At the risk of sounding trite that movie opened my eyes to a world I didn't know exists. I personally am on a quest to embrace the Holy Spirit. The only advice I would give is to do just what you've done with your other movies - listen to God. Anything the rest of us might say is really only distraction from God. I can't wait to experience what God does with you this time. My only regret is that I can't be a part of making this movie! Godspeed to you. You and your team are in my prayers.

  • Tiffany

    Darren, Super super super excited about this film! I'm sure the Father is super excited as well. The HS is often "most abused, misunderstood, ignored and maligned Person of the Trinity" but He is so much fun, yet so serious... I love it! Do your thang! :)

  • Mitch Parker

    I want to encourage you in this quest for a movie that is truly about the Holy Spirit. From what you have shared I think you are on the right track. I believe that in some respects the church is stuck in its traditions of how the Holy Spirit moves and operates (Pentacostals). Often times too much focus has been put on the gift of tongues but I believe that the Holy Spirit desires to do so much more. I am confident that our Comforter will lead and guide you on this path you are on. Be blessed in your endeavor for this film...Sincerely in Christ, Mitch Parker

  • Debra Wilson

    Hi, Darren. I am excited to read your comments about Holy Spirit and your desire to present Him as He wants to be presented. It is rather disconcerting (?arrogant) that anyone thinks they have THE SCOOP on who Holy Spirit is and what He is like. Our prayer is that He will lead you unerringly to the places He wants us to see, to present Himself as He wants us to understand Him. He is precious to those of us who have come to know and depend on Him. Also, thank you for the short clip by Will Hart about the fact that we are the revival. My husband and I (rather late in life) will soon be departing for a year in Zimbabwe to work with missionaries. We have no idea exactly what we will be doing, we only know God has interrupted our retirement plans. Will's video clip expressed so much of what God has put in our hearts. It was very encouraging. God bless and keep you all in a Spirit of humility and dependence as you embark on this new venture. Deb Wilson

  • Michael Morejon

    Thanks for the musings Darren, I believe myself and others take your thoughts as a breath of fresh air, because your just real about what you believe and I myself take that stance in my relationship with our Father in Heaven too. I like things to be kept real, and not "strange" or "mystical" like "far out" or whatever. Funny story I felt to share, I will keep it short. There was once a group of Jehovah Witnesses who knocked on my door and started their talk about salvation, Jesus, etc. etc. so I let them talk and didn't want to get into a "debate" or whatknot with them about scripture, so I asked Holy Spirit (to myself in my head) "what can I say to these people? How do I reveal to them that Your real and supernatural?" God told me "Ask them about my Spirit" just like that! So I did, I said "who is the Holy Spirit to you?" And that made them stop and think lol. So they started with how He is a power like electricity through the poles, and all that, so I told them He is a person, He's real! And they didn't believe me, and I was about to pray for them and give them a word of knowledge but they had to go! lol I told them "look, I can prove He's real right now, let me pray for you" and they left. Not bashing on Jehovah Witnesses, but if you are one and your reading this, know who Holy Spirit is and He will reveal to you who Jesus Christ really is and how to have a relationship with your Father in Heaven. Thanks for reading whoever did read this :)

  • Theresa Beck

    I think HE is so awesome and will manifest in many ways to those who Watch for HIM. I love your willingness to LET HIM show up but getting in a position where He can.Jesus says we can have as much as we ask of Bread and Holy Spirit in Luke 11.I pray He blows our socks off and gives us new eyes to See Him.

  • Val Galambus

    I really appreciate your musings, Darren! Thanks for your honestly and quest for truth in reality! We sure need more of that today ~ there's way too much of mysticism and hype in the world already. I am so looking forward to seeing how the sweet and powerful Holy Spirit will show up and show off to make Himself real to the world! I will be praying for His guidance and intervention from the start to finish of the film. As for Michael's J.W. story ~ I read it and loved it too! When God's Truth is presented, ignorance and falsehoods have to run with their tail between their legs or submit! I am amazed at what the Lord is doing in our midst! Keep on and be strengthened for the challenge ahead by the power and might of Holy Spirit!

  • Angela Englich

    I believe That YOU ARE ON TH?E RIGHT PATH GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!!!! follow the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT he will LEAD us to ALL TRUTH !!!!! My Prayer is for you to set your face like FLINT on GET READY !!!!!! to BE MOVED IN WAYS WE HAVE NOT YET CONCEIVED, Go forth.

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