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Early reactions to Furious Love

First of all, thank you again to all of you who are helping to make the Furious Love Event in February a huge success.  We already have hundreds of churches interested and we’re beginning to see a groundswell of support.  Keep badgering your pastors/leaders and make them join the revolution of love on Valentine’s Day!

That being said, I recently realized that many of you have had to go to bat for a film you haven’t even seen, and I wanted to take a moment to deal with a few misconceptions of the film, as well as some of the early reactions we’ve already received as we begin to preview the film for leaders and audiences around the country.

Below are a few things you might need to know…

  • “Furious Love is not Finger of God 2.”
  • Sure it’s the sequel, but the two films are very, very different. For one, Furious Love is not about miracles. It’s about the search for God’s love in the middle of extreme darkness. There are no gold teeth, gold dust, or gemstones making an appearance in this one!
  • “Furious Love is not fun for the whole family.”
  • I know a lot of families enjoy watching Finger of God together, and I truly tried to make a family film here, but the subject matter and my commitment to honesty in my films simply wouldn’t let that happen with this one. This is most likely a PG-13 film. Nearly everyone who has seen it agrees it is not appropriate for any child under 10 or 11. Most kids just won’t be able to handle the reality of the darkness portrayed in the film (drug use, extreme persecution, demon possession, etc…).
  • “Furious Love is profoundly better than Finger of God.”
  • It’s kind of hard to NOT have a better movie when your budget is 15 times the size of your first film! But besides the production values, which have been ramped up considerably this time out, I was, simply, more sure of myself and therefore had a much stronger handle on the narrative I was creating. This story moves at a breakneck pace, and it never lets up. Many people reported having sore necks and backs after watching it because they were tense for the entire 90 minutes!
  • “This is a haunting film.”
  • Where Finger of God, it seemed, caused people to want to blow open the doors of their unbelief and start praying for people, Furious Love, it seems, is a film that will leave you in a daze, probably for a few days afterwards. The power of God’s love is palpable here, and it’s not something you can just shrug off easily. His love will haunt you (in a good way) after watching this.

I wanted to leave you with a few of the endorsements for the film that are already starting to come in from various leaders across the country. I’ll try to keep posting more as they come.

"Furious Love is a glimpse into the actual message that Jesus lived. This film captures His message in such a way that it is sure to stir the hearts of millions, releasing them into the great harvest fields with an authentic gospel of power, purity, and love. For that reason I highly recommend Furious Love to everyone. It will strengthen the local church and increase our impact on the world." – Bill Johnson, Head Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

“Furious Love will set your heart ablaze! Thank you Darren Wilson for creating this marvelous work!” – Patricia King, Founder, Extreme Prophetic Ministries

“Darren Wilson’s Furious Love is a powerful and moving challenge to the church today. When it comes to engaging the spiritual forces of darkness in our culture and world, far too often and in far too many ways we have been on the sidelines rather than in the battle. We have largely abdicated the supernatural realm to the occultists and new agers, rather than appropriating the fullness of God’s Spirit and walking in God’s radical love and power. Furious Love is not for kids, nor for the squeamish adults among us. It will shake you, wake you up, make you uncomfortable. But that is good and necessary, if we are ever going to rise up in faith and venture outside the four walls of our churches. Furious Love is an urgent call to walk in radical love and in the demonstration of the Spirit’s power as we confront the powers of darkness and touch a needy world for the glory of God. It is a must-see movie.” – Dr. Clay Ford, National Chair, Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries

As always, be blessed and know that you are loved.


  • Andrew

    While I enjoyed Furious Love, it seemed a bit too weighted on the preachy side compared to the see-the-love-of-God side. Could we just see the film of what went on? Even though it might be hours long, hopefully it can be included in the DVD. Because I went in hoping to see the love of God in action, and while parts of these events showing God’s love were filmed, most of it was people speaking – telling stories (i.e., human interpretation, as opposed to letting what happened speak for itself) and sometimes advancing a specific theology. Yes, there’s the translation issue, but even the parts in English were often inaudible or covered by other voices. Let’s see what happens to Abacrombie Girl from the time she starts to manifest signs of demon-possession to deliverance. Let’s hear the interactions at the Salem witchcraft festival and not just a few lines here and there. Let’s actually see people taking prostitutes and driving away and let’s actually hear the testimonies and exposure of the sex industry from the prostitutes. Let’s not just hear a minute of a conversation with a man and Will talking about conversations with hurting people on the street - let’s hear them, the broken people, share. Let’s see and hear the lady-boy talking about his scars. Let’s hear the bar manager speak for herself about her problems and the joy she felt when she was healed. The conversation with the heroine addict was great, but a bit more film about the stuff going on there would be insightful. Let us see and hear the confrontation, futility of the anti-Christian woman’s attempt, and the deliverance of the “snake woman” Robbie prayed for, as well as Sammy say himself that Jesus is Lord.

  • David Berg

    Thanks God for showing the simplicity of your love through the movie! Awesome and powerful! It rearranged and made me re prioritize my life right away. I reached out to people immediately the day after watching it because I feel Gods love for people around me and strangers like I never have before so thanks Darren and the rest of the crew for making the movie and bringing me closer to Him! David Norway

  • Janene (Australia)

    Thank you for paying the price to make this film. The hardship not only logistically (to travel around the world) but emotionally would have been so much greater when you are actually witnessing these events unfold firsthand. The commitment of 1.5 years and actually being able to condense such a feat into a moving 90 minute tribute to God's love for HIS Glory is an inspiration. The question now... are the rest of us ready get out of our comfort zones for Christ?

  • Elizabeth Halford

    Hi can anyone please tell me the name of the woman with the deliverance ministry who met with the bride of satan woman? I wanted to check for her website or something but I didn't catch her name.

  • Dianne Lackey (Palmdale, Ca_

    Yes Darren, Your film was absolutely inspiring and my prayer is that we, who have seen God move through His people to touch a hurting world, will desire the love of our Father to permeate our very being so we may touch those hurting right in our own neighborhoods. Thank you for your part to change us who have been neglectful of oh so great a gift.

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