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A New Gold Rush in Denver

Over the past year, the Lord has been releasing me to speak more and more around the country. Having been a college professor for the past 12 years I’m quite used to standing in front of people and talking their ears off, but when the Lord showed me that He wanted me to fully embrace my story (a story I used to shy away from in public because I was worried of being labeled a “nut”) and that He would use it to bring freedom to others, I started stepping out and was curious as to how exactly God wanted this to all play out.

At first, I told my story and then asked the prayer team at whatever church I was at to go out and pray for the people who came forward. I was just a filmmaker, I kept telling myself, I’m no preacher. For the longest time I hid behind my camera, even as I saw God move in amazing ways while filming Finger of God (and to a a large extent, Furious Love). It was a safe place to be, and I enjoyed the front row seat to God’s glory without ever having to actually get my spiritual hands dirty. But then God asked me to start speaking, and I knew the day was coming when I was going to be knee deep in it.

As is usually the case, it was one of my friends I look up to spiritually who got me off my lazy butt and stepping into what God was calling me to. I was with Will Hart, and he had just watched me minister. He came up to me afterwards and said the thing I was dreading most.

“Wilson, you gotta get out there and lay hands on people. You can’t hide anymore.”

I gave him some lame excuse about God not needing me to lay hands on people to do what He wants to do, but deep down I knew he was right. I knew I was hiding. Ultimately, I was afraid of failure and looking like a buffoon in front of hundreds of people. I was afraid of looking like an impostor. I was afraid of…well…a lot of stuff.

But if there’s one thing I SHOULD have known after making three movies about God, it’s that I have very little to do with what God does or does not do through me. I’m to be His vessel, His agent of change. To think that my holiness or amazingness or unbelievable faith aids Him in, say, healing someone, is perhaps the snobbiest thing I could think. Sure he may use me, but it’s all HIM who is doing the healing.

So I began stepping out more, growing more bold in ministry. I quickly learned that since I had been commissioned by the angel Breakthrough (see, if you don’t know my story, you’re now thinking I’m a nut) that I carried the “mantle” of breakthrough, and my wife and I began to notice a very steady answer to prayers for others when we asked for breakthrough in their lives. When I spoke in churches, I invited God to break through, and people started having crazy stuff happen to them. One guy came to a meeting and thought I was a complete lunatic, until during the ministry time he actually FELT God’s hands on his back, then FELT a chest on his, and realized that the God of the Universe was giving him a hug. After that, he was a pile of tears.

When I recently went to speak in a church in Denver, I never, ever expected for God to do what He did there. I told my story then showed Finger of God, and afterwards I just asked God to show up and be God. I jokingly mentioned at one point that I had no idea what God was about to do, hey, some of you might even get gold teeth, but, you know, probably not, because it’s not about that. That was it, that’s all I said.

I have been home for a week now, and the pastor (a good friend and ex-NFL linebacker Bryan Schwartz) keeps sending me text messages of people in his church who have been getting gold teeth and gold fillings all week long. One lady got 4 gold teeth immediately following the service! In all, as of this writing, 12 people have received gold teeth or fillings in this church of around 250 people. Everybody’s going nuts there, because nearly everyone knows someone who has been touched by this amazing insanity.

I didn’t want to write this to bring up the whole gold teeth controversy again (trust me, I’ve had my fill of that argument over the years), nor do I want to portray myself as some kind of gold tooth revivalist. I still don’t care much about gold teeth or gold dust or gemstones or manna appearing, simply because I find lives transformed far more interesting and wonderful. No, my point in writing this is to simply remind you (as well as myself) that God deeply desires a friendship with you. He’s incredibly in tune with your heart and your prayers and your words, and even when you might say something in jest, his friendship with you runs so deep that He may even do THAT for you, simply to show you how much He loves you and how much He cares about those around you.

I’m getting ready to release a film about the very character and heart of the Father. At the risk of giving away the whole thing, I can pretty much narrow the 90 minute film down to one sentence. The God of the Bible desperately wants to be your Father and your Friend.

The question, then, is this. Do you desire a friendship with Him? Or is the church going to continue to treat Him like a boss?


  • Lisa Menden

    Darren, I was at the Furious Love conf. last April, it was so exciting that I forgot alot of what I heard. I bought Igniting Furious Love book and had an aha moment reading Greg Boyd again and was instantly attacked by the enemy. I feel the call to preach and teach too, and it scrares me to step out. Thank you for bringing so much of the power of His kingdom front and center for all to be encouraged and ignited. Blessings, Lisa

  • Alan Evans

    Just been given Furious Love DVD to watch, truly amazing, I have since purchased by download Furious Love and The Finger of God. I am on the leadership team of a 'traditional Baptist Church in England working amongst street kids. I would love to see Gods supernatural LOVE being poured out amongst the young people. Please pray for wisdom,courage and opportunity that this would happen. So many voices out there polluting their young minds. Yours in His service. Alan

  • David

    Darren.. thanks so much for sharing THIS right now. Very appropriate & timely, for me. I do have one observation for you: I don't think that what YOU thought you were saying in jest was subsequently "answered" by God. I think it is just the other way around. I think God spoke through you about the gold teeth as a prophetic declaration or "commandment" (which I prefer to think of as a God-suggestion). You, in your personality, considered it a joke.... but it wasn't.

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