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February 2015 Family Update


Welcome to our February 2015 edition of the newly christened Wanderlust Family Update. We hope you like it! Please feel free to give us your feedback/suggestions on the Update on our Facebook page, which you can find HERE.

This month we bring you all the news you want in video form, including a few major announcements. Enjoy!

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February 2015 Promotions

In this month’s Musing, Darren writes about the absurdity of Christianity.

From an outside observer’s standpoint, Christianity is kind of absurd. Think about it. We believe in an invisible man who lived over 2000 years ago… [Read More]

Here is where we will provide you with all of our prayer needs. Thank you in advance for covering us in prayer. We need it so desperately. If you would like to be added to Darren’s Prayer Team (for more urgent, in-the-moment prayer requests), please email [email protected].

  • Please be praying for our friends, Nic and Rachel Billman, who run Shores of Grace down in Recife, Brazil. We were able to film with them for Holy Ghost (they will be heavily highlighted in Holy Ghost Reborn) and what they are doing down there amongst the homeless and the prostitutes is astounding. But they currently in a very tough season, and need major breakthrough with the government. Please pray for God’s might and mercy to shine through for them and for immense favor on their ministry the the girls they are working with.
  • Everyone at Wanderlust, except for Darren and Jenell, have made the move to Greenville, SC, which is now the new home base for Wanderlust Productions. Please pray for a continued smooth transition for the whole team, and even more for the Wilson’s to sell their house quickly so they can join the rest of the team in their new home!
  • 2015 is shaping up to be the most intense yet for Wanderlust, with multiple releases and projects in the works. Pray for God’s protection over everyone, as well as the peace and capacity to do what needs to be done both well and with all the energy and ability required. We want to bless the world by what we do, but we also realize that we need to keep our health and sanity to be able to do that!

In this section, we want to provide you with some interesting tidbits from our films, as well as updates on the people we’ve filmed (as we receive those updates, of course).

  • Darren has traveled to and filmed in 25 countries since he began filming Finger of God in 2006.
  • During it’s free 48 hour release online in September, 2014, Holy Ghost was watched by over 1.2 million people around the world.
  • While filming Holy Ghost Reborn in South Africa, Darren filmed with a man named Surprise Sithole. When they arrived at a remote village to pray for people, Darren was shocked to see someone he had filmed years ago accompanying Surprise as one of the prayer team. It was none other than Francis, who’s story of resurrection from the dead was highlighted in Finger of God. You’ll see him praying for a witch doctor in Holy Ghost Reborn!
New Team Members

Chris Ankele
Marketing Specialist

Ginelle Barry

Andrew Jones
Post-Production Manager

Please feel free to give us your feedback/suggestions on the Update on our Facebook page, which you can find HERE.

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