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Finger of God Deluxe now on Amazon!

 Well, it’s taken us a while to get our act together, but we’ve finally managed to get the Deluxe edition of Finger of God (5 DVDS) up on Amazon.  So if you prefer buying from there, it’s now available to you.  And all your Prime members get shipping for free!


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  • Mike C

    Just received the DELUXE DVD from Amazon in the mail!!! Cant wait to see all of it! This project has increased my faith DRASTICALLY!! I have been on a spiritual journey with the Lord and this is DIVINE! The Lord has orchestrated this film to be made since the beginning of time! Darien you will reap rewards in heaven in ways YOU CANT IMAGINE!! Continue to walk in obedience! God is not finished with you my brother! Thank you for your obedience to his Spirit! Cant wait for FURIOUS LOVE!!

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