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Four minutes in the can

 We’ve got four minutes in the can.  What does that mean?  That means that even though I have an entire summer of filming left to do for Furious Love, the first four minutes of the film are finished.  While that may not be terribly exciting for most people, for a guy who has to put this whole movie together not through any great, genius plan, but through listening to the still small voice of the Spirit, that is so, so, so exciting.  It means I finally have a gist of the feel of the film.  Look at it like this.  Putting a documentary about God together is kind of like having a thousand puzzle pieces at your disposal, but the puzzle only uses 100 of those puzzle pieces.  So not only do you have to figure out how the pieces fit together and in what order, but you also have to figure out which of those puzzle pieces AREN’T a part of this puzzle.  

Having the first four minutes done shows me, in a small but important way, what the rest of the movie is going to feel like.  

For those of you who have seen Finger of God, you may remember the opening two minutes of that one fairly well.  It opens with some weird shots and some people talking about stuff that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, then suddenly we’re looking at my Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob and they’re telling us they got gold teeth.  I do a double take, and EVERY time that opening plays in public, it gets a laugh.  And that was key for me in putting Finger together.  Laughter.  I knew I was about to head into really, really weird territory with gold teeth, gemstones, manna, and gold dust, but I wanted people to also know that it wasn’t going to be a tedious ride.  You can laugh at this stuff, because some stuff is just so odd it needs to be smiled at.  I always found it interesting that when I was a kid and my Sunday school teachers told me about that donkey talking to Balaam, nobody seemed to find the humor in it.  And certainly nobody commented on the fact that Balaam was being outsmarted by a "dumb ass"–that was simply too inappropriate for 8 year-olds.  But God’s  humor is funny stuff indeed, and I think it’s high time we started smiling a little more, especially in church!

Well, I can happily say that there are two moments of laughter in the opening of Furious Love, but after that, well, let’s just say you may have to hold your breath for a while.  I showed the opening to an editor for Christianity Today and she literally screamed out loud when it was over, which I think is a good thing.  The film opens with me going to Tanzania to film a crusade, and I wind up spending a week in a "demon tent"–which is just a little white tent where they took all the demoniacs who were manifesting demons.  Fun stuff, let me tell you.

But the feel is there.  If the feel of Finger could be described as light-hearted miracle searching, the feel of Furious may very well be "light-hearted extreme intensity".  Not sure if that’s even possible, but hey, it gives me a starting point.

This fall we’ll most likely be launching a simple website dedicated to Furious Love, and you’ll finally be able to get your first taste of this first four minutes.  If you can’t wait that long, and you are in the Redding, CA area on May 10, you might want to stop by Bethel Church.  They’ll be getting a first look at it.  

Here’s hoping they laugh when they’re supposed to, and scream when it’s all over…


  • Justin Prince

    Finger definitely stirred something inside of me and I haven't been the same since. Can't wait to see what God does through you next! Keep up the good works brother.

  • sir chris britton

    yeah...Finger Of God definitely stirred up some things between me and my friends. You have a bunch of people around here that can't wait to see the next film!

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