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Yesterday someone asked me what it felt like to work so hard on something for two years, then see it be even more popular, and have more impact than we dreamed it would. It’s funny, because even while we were filming Furious Love, we knew we were on to something pretty special. Then when I started putting it together in my studio, and found myself in tears nearly everyday because I was being so moved by stuff I had already seen, I knew the film was going to be pretty good. I knew people would like Furious Love, and that it would probably be accepted by more people than Finger of God was, but I was wholly unprepared for the response we are currently getting.

In three days we have passed 100,000 tickets sent out. Churches are still surging to sign up as the word spreads, and churches who have already had showings are scrambling to add more because of the overwhelming response they are getting. By all intensive purposes, Furious Love is shaping up to be a monster. And while that is very, very cool and personally gratifying, it’s nothing compared to this…

Testimony #1: At a premiere in Aurora, Illinois, over 1000 people show up. We find out just before showtime that witches are in the audience. After the showing, people are streaming down the aisles to receive Jesus or get prayer, and one man approaches Robby Dawkins (the big scary bald guy at the end of the film) and informs him that he’s a witch. He then says, “I have to have this power in my life, mine is so inferior.” Robby prays with the man, and someone who had originally come to curse the film leaves with a brand new relationship with the King of Kings.

Testimony #2: At another showing, a church is so rocked and convicted to love their fallen world, that they corporately, after the film, begin to pray and intercede for the strip club that is just down the street from them. Their prayers are born out of love and compassion, not judgment. The next day, a woman who works at the strip club calls the church, out of the blue, and asks for their help in getting her out of the club and the sex industry.

How do I feel to see my two years of sacrifice and hard work being received with such fervor and excitement all across the globe? Feels great. How do I feel about those two testimonies, and the countless others we’re receiving everyday? Words cannot describe.

Please, send us your testimonies as they happen. Or comment on this post and share them with the world. But above all, love extravagantly. Love without agenda. Love as you are loved.

Then watch the world change around you.


  • David D'Louhy

    Darren, It was so great to see the finished product of what I got to see a glimpse of in the process. It was a blessing to meet you and the team. I love the testimony from Aurora. Thank you Jesus! Blessings, David

  • Naomi Wong

    Hello Darren, Just a wave from downunder (Sydney, Australia). 'Finger of God' was an answered prayer. 'Furious Love' was the answer to MANY prayers. I cannot begin to even express what these movies have done to my life and to those around me, and I will continue to make sure that they spread like wildfire throughout Sydney churches. Why? Because it is the all-consuming fire of God's furious love. Thankyou, Darren. I thank God for you, but I do want to thank you as well. Thankyou, Lord Jesus! With Christ's love, Naomi

  • Vanessa Vay

    Hello Darren, I'm also from Sydney too and I'm praying for revival in the churches and the city! I cant begin to thankyou God for you. It all started with the Finger of God which really opened my eyes as i never thought much of miracles, the Spirit and gifts in general. I sorta also boxed God in with my mind and he is definitely a lot more massive and awesome than what i thought he was. The two videos including Furious Love has left me broken towards how amazing his love is and just the way he seems to be working and touching people's lives. Its really challenged me to love without any agendas and without any obligations. To love like the father does. That Love conquers all and is the most powerful weapon we have! Nothing is possible with God=) May God bless you and continue to use you to further his Kingdom! All be glory to God! Vanessa=)

  • Diego

    Darren, We did 4 showings here in Nanaimo, BC (Canada) and had a great response. People cried and were deeply touched, many saying they felt like selling everything and going to the world. Our youth group is encouraged to reach out more to the sex workers and the drug addicts and to love furiously, everyone around us. Thanks for both movies and keep doing more. We need them!! Blessings!

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