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Furious Love Event

Registration has just gone live for the Furious Love Event. This is going to be a “conference” unlike any other. We’ve got 10 speakers coming from all over the world, all of whom were in Furious Love and Finger of God. It will be held at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Monroe, Michigan, which is where I grew up. It’s kind of weird for me to have my two worlds blending into one another, but the Lord is definitely behind this one.

The reason we’re doing this is to create a teaching supplement for Furious Love and Finger of God, in a way. We (meaning my team and I) will be producing and filming the entire conference, and will create a unique set of teaching DVDs that people will be able to watch as part of small groups, Sunday Schools, and of course, individually. Unfortunately, we won’t be including even a fraction of the amount of teaching that will be happening during those four days, so if you want the full teaching experience, you’re going to have to attend the conference!

Please understand that space is limited, so when it’s sold out, that’s it. I’d recommend signing up as soon as you know you want to attend to be certain you get your tickets. Also, due to the extreme costs of putting something like this together and bringing so many major speakers from all parts of the world, as well as transforming the space to look amazing on camera, we cannot offer any discounts. This is going to be a pretty hot ticket, so we have to leave ticket prices as they are. Sorry folks! 🙁 But like I say on the website, this isn’t your typical conference, it’s an Event. And it won’t happen again.

If you want to learn more or sign up, please visit our website: Furious Love Event

Now it’s off to begin filming our next movie, a documentary about the life and faith of UFC legend, Ken Shamrock. I would sure appreciate your prayers for creativity, direction, and favor over the next 3 weeks!


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