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It is Dec. 11, and tomorrow morning I fly out from O’hare airport in Chicago with my small but trusty film crew for Thailand.  We’re heading to Bangkok for a week to film with various ministries who are reaching out to both men and women within the sex trade in both Bangkok and Pattaya.  I won’t go into the particulars of where we’ll be or what exactly we’ll be filming while we’re there, as there’s some sensitivity that we need to keep in mind.  

That being said, boy could we use your prayers from Dec. 14-21.  We’ll be in a few places that aren’t incredibly safe, especially considering what we’re doing, and we obviously covet your prayers for our safety.  But more than that, I just want God to show up and love on both the men and women who are enslaved in this horrific nightmare.  We realize that we will be in an atmosphere that does not necessarily lend itself to the love of the Father (especially considering that many of the women trapped here were sold into sexual slavery by their own fathers), and the enemy isn’t particularly fond of God’s children trespassing on his territory.  So please pray for God to show his furious love for his children, and for Him to allow us to film it as it happens.  

Finally, pray for our families being left behind back home.  I have found that when we go out to film, it’s almost as if we are in a kind of bubble of grace where nothing can get to us.  The real war happens back home, with wives and children trying to deal with their husbands in the line of fire, and we have found that the real drama happens in the one place we can’t go.  Home.  

If you do feel led to commit to prayer for us, realize that from the Central time zone we are 12 hours ahead in Thailand.  That means when you are waking up in the morning, we’ll be heading out for the night.  Lift us up if you think of it in the morning.  Pray that God does what only He can do.

Thanks you in advance…

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  • Nick Rawlings

    We're behind you in prayer, guys. Much more importantly, so is God! May His Presence transform the atmosphere and change the environment wherever you go and surround your families too. Can't wait to see more what He's up to! Heaped up blessings, Nick.

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