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Gathering Steam

It has been one month since I first showed the film to a large group of people, and the film is quickly gathering steam. In case you didn’t know, we’re currently available on Amazon (keep going on and filling out those reviews!), but more outlets are coming. One of the most exciting developments for me personally is the fact that Iris Ministries is now carrying the film both on their website and on their conference schedule. Heidi and Rolland Baker have become very important to me since I first met them last December, and their willingness to officially endorse the film is a great joy and honor to me.

Beyond that, I was recently invited to join Sid Roth on his television program, It’s Supernatural!, in March. I will be sure to keep you posted on the air date of the episode, but for now, you can go here to see if the program will be broadcast in your area.

I am also currently working on booking screenings of the film, so check back often to see if there will be one in your area any time soon. Also, if you would like to host a screening, feel free to contact me and let me know! As we are able to secure more screenings, I will create a film showing page in the future. But for now, keep checking back with the blog!

Perhaps the best news I can share with you is the response I continue to get from nearly everyone who sees the film. I still can’t believe that God chose a writer, with little to no directing experience, to tell His story, and that that story is touching so many people so deeply. I can’t tell you how many people have already told me how their lives are forever changed, or how God worked a miracle while they simply sat and watched this film, or how they were able to finally, sometimes for the first time, understand exactly how God felt about them. That is the most wonderful part of this whole journey. I’m glad I got to see and experience all this stuff, but I’m overjoyed that God is invading your lives through my experience.

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