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Gearing up

Ah yes, the sweet smell of upcoming travel lingers in the air as we are less than two weeks away from heading out on our next crazy adventure to continue filming for Father of Lights, the sequel to Furious Love. In this installment of “what crazy things will Darren and his crew be experiencing this time for the betterment of the worldwide church”, we will be traveling to India to do some filming with “Shanti” once again, as well as introduce a new character in our story. His name is Ravi, and I’m not going to reveal much, other than this guy has the unique gift of hearing the audible voice of God and seeing into the spiritual realm 24/7. You heard me right. None of us know what’s going to happen when we go out there (even he doesn’t know), but he’s going to ask the Lord what we should do, and God will tell us where to go and what to do. At this point, I’ve seen a lot of wild stuff, but even me and my crew are more than a little intrigued about how this shoot is going to turn out.

So please pray for us, especially from Dec. 3-13.

On other fronts, we at Wanderlust Productions continue to be stretched to the max to simply keep up with the various irons we have in the fire. Our cartoon continues to progress, and we are hoping for an early 2011 release for that. Our film with Ken Shamrock is nearing the end of production (we should complete principle photography by March, 2011), and I have already put together the first 5 minutes of that film. Father of Lights is getting ready to move front and center for us on the production side of things, and most of our 2011 travel will be dedicated to that film.

And of course, we have our Furious Love Event coming up April 6-9, 2011. In case you haven’t heard, we are running a contest in association with this, and from now through December 31, all you need to do is write an email about your experience with Finger of God and/or Furious Love to [email protected]. It’s that simple. You’ll be in the running to win two free tickets (and prime seating) to the Furious Love Event in Monroe, Michigan, both Deluxe editions of our films, and my new book, Filming God, which will be coming out at the event. For more info, check out our website HERE.

Finally, I ask that you please pray for us now more than ever. I received prayer yesterday, and the person praying for me saw “a bunch of little storms all around me”. This pretty much perfectly describes my life at the moment, and it is a constant struggle to stay in the presence of Christ, and to make films and media that live only to further the kingdom of God and bring freedom and revelation to the body of Christ. To do that, we obviously need to be in a place of freedom and revelation ourselves, and I humbly ask that if you enjoy what we do, and if our films have in any way touched you or helped you along, that you might endeavor to lift us up in prayer over the next few weeks. Cover us with protection, ask for wisdom, and above all else, entreat the Father to cover us with His presence and grace.

Thanks everyone, for your prayers and your continued support!



  • Michael Morejon

    Amen brother, I'll be praying for you, to cover you, your family, crew and friends who are with you during this whole thing. God bless you, and thanks for serving God and doing what you do. Your films have blessed my life, blown me away, and have inspired me. I'm thankful that we have good, QUALITY stuff out there for the Kingdom!

  • Melissa Murdock

    Definitely lifting you guys up in prayer you've been a huge inspiration to many that God really is as good as He says He is! Under His wings you find refuge He's got you covered! Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength they will mount up with wings as eagles. They will run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint. God bless you bro and your entire family and team!

  • Marcy

    We will be praying for you and your whole crew! Your film Finger of God has really touched me and my friends. I just watched it a second time and got even more out of than the first! I'm excited to see Furious Love and the new one you're beginning work on. God Bless you and the work you're doing for God's Kingdom and his church!

  • micael

    To hear God audibly is a wonderful gift and I earnestly seek it. I'll pray for you and I will ask my prayer group to do the same. God bless you! /Micael Grenholm, Sweden

  • micael

    Perhaps you can check this story out for "Father of Lights": http://healingherald.org/2010/11/healing-amputees-and-raising-the-dead/

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