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God Sent Me Across the World For One of His Lost Sheep

It was a morning like most others. I had settled into my studio and was planning on spending some time with the Lord before I jumped into my day. I was in the middle of planning and praying about my new film, Holy Ghost, which was more than a little terrifying for me since I was trying to make the first movie in history that was completely led by the Holy Spirit.

So to say that it was heavily on my mind while doing my morning devotions would be an understatement.

I already had heard something from the Lord, and I was in the process of trying to fill out the rest of this particular film shoot. One of the first things I heard the Lord say was to go to Rome and film at the Vatican. I also knew that I was supposed to go film in Greece among the ruins of ancient gods to show the true God who is still alive.

I had a few days in between that I had to fill out, and my original thought was to simply go film in Florence and Venice. This film would have a component about the arts, and those both seemed like solid choices.

But then, God decided to step in and reassert Himself as the real director here.

I felt a strong impression to pull out a map of the region as I prayed, and I knew almost instantly that I wasn’t going to Florence or Venice. I opened a map and took a look. I figured He was going to send me to some place of Biblical importance, like, say, the island of Patmos. When I looked around—there’s no other way to describe it—every place looked “cold” to me.

My eyes glanced across Monaco, and it was as if it was a brighter point on the map than everywhere else. It was a surreal experience, to be honest. I’m not a hocus-pocus kind of guy, but there was something happening here, and I knew I better pay attention.

Just like that, I knew I was supposed to go film in Monaco—specifically Monte Carlo. I had no idea why. As I prayed in subsequent days, I also got a vague vision of a boat, and I was pretty sure that was our objective. Go to Monte Carlo and try to get on a boat. Why, I had no idea, but hey, I’m only a co-director on this thing at this point!

We arrived in Monte Carlo with my friend Todd White, and we only had one day to find the adventure God was sending us on here (have you seen the prices of that place!?). We didn’t even know where to start, so we did the most logical thing: we decided to eat.

We found a pizza place (because I wasn’t about to pay $25 for a cheeseburger) and Todd…well…Todd just did his thing.

He’s about as bold as they come, and by the end of our lunch the owner of the restaurant had his knee healed and had accepted Christ as his savior.

When we asked about getting on a boat, he asked two other patrons to help us out, and they told us to go down to the harbor and find a place called Stars and Bars—they figured that would be a good place for us to begin because it was run by an American.

We walked to the harbor and Todd found someone else to minister to while standing in front of a row of $50 million yachts.

And then, something quite extraordinary happened. It started to rain.

For most people this would be normal, but in 7 years of making my films, I had never once missed a day of filming because of rain, even when the forecast was calling for it.

When I’ve only got one day to film and it starts to rain, I immediately started praying and asking God why in the world He would let it rain when our window is already so small?!

We blindly ran for cover (it was a downpour), and Todd said he needed an orange juice. We sat down at a random restaurant and Todd ordered his juice. While sitting there, I finally looked up at the sign, and realized with a jolt that we were at Stars and Bars.

Right then, Todd saw a woman with a cane, and he jumped up to go pray for her. He struck up a conversation with the woman walking with her, who was an American, and who also (shocker) happened to be the owner of Stars and Bars.

It was getting weird now.

So Todd asked if she knew anyone who had a boat we might be able to get on. She said yes, she might be able to help us, and she gave us direction on how to get there.

When we showed up, it turned out to be her boat, where she lives. And beyond that, it was parked in the personal slip of the Prince of Monaco, who was a childhood friend of hers! We were finally able to tell her the story of how we ended up here, and she invited us to her restaurant that evening for dinner.

At dinner, God met her in a profound and very personal way, and I could only sit in amazement at how God met me while I was drinking coffee 3 months earlier, barely awake, and began setting up this future encounter with His daughter who He desperately wanted back.

Never before had I seen a clearer picture of the great shepherd leaving the 99 to go find the 1 who had wandered off. And it gave me great hope to know the extent He will go to make sure His children find their way back home safe and sound.

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