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Hello my TBN audience!

 In case you haven’t heard, this month TBN began broadcasting my first film, Finger of God around the world (the next showing will be on September 27 at 5 pm Eastern–spread the word).  This little fact has caused an obvious jump in activity for both my website as well as an interest in the film itself.  Our phones are ringing off the hook, emails are flooding in, and the whole thing is just so much fun.

For those of you who are just joining us on this journey because you tuned in to some weird movie called Finger of God on TBN, welcome.  You are probably here because you want more information on what the heck you just saw and whether or not it’s actually real.  I can assure you, everything you saw in that broadcast is real.  I saw it all with my own eyes and filmed it all myself (except for the China footage).  It was a film I never intended (or wanted) to make.  But God met me in a church in Toronto and gave me one of the funkiest experiences of my entire life (the gist: an angel named Breakthrough cutting through my own judgments and lots of tears on my part).  From that point on, I was a man obsessed with chasing the Spirit of God around the world to answer the basic question: "Is there more to the Christian life than going to church, believing the right stuff, and trying to be a good person?"  The answer, simply, is yes.  The 1 hour you just watched on TBN gives just a hint at what I discovered.

In case you didn’t know, the actual movie is about 45 minutes longer than what you saw.  It’s the complete picture, really, with lots of fun stuff with teenagers in Redding, CA, more with Heidi Baker in Mozambique, and lots of incredible quotes from interviews with some of the most amazing, loving people I have ever met.  

For everyone else, who just checks in once in a while to see if I’ve posted something new, here’s a little reward for having made it this far down my blog.

The Deluxe version of the film will be released, officially, on November 11.  It’s going to be pretty awesome, too.  5 dvds, hours and hours of extras…if you liked Finger, you’re going to LOVE this.  We’ll start taking pre-orders very soon, so come back often to make sure you get yours right away!

More on what’s  happening with the next film, Furious Love, coming soon…


  • kathy guilbert

    Loved the video. Opens the eyes of us Christian to see the Finger of God and how He is working wround the world. Makes me want to get on board!Thanks so much for making it possible for us to see "inside". God gets more awesome everyday!!! Can't wait 'til the entire DVD package is ready. Thanks, Kat

  • Adam

    Excellent film... Only made me hungrier for more of God and more passionate in my own pursuit of seeing the gospel in life as it is in print...

  • Pastor Kirk Overstreet

    Thanks. Very timely in my life when my faith tank light was on and needed to be filled. I was challenged by a close friend on if God was real. I told him how I was able to pray for a blind lady who was paralyzed as well and how God restored her sight on mothers day and she was able to walk. The black lady thought I was a black preacher and the first words out of her mouth was, "Your white!" I laughed with tears because I was shocked and in awe at the same time as she cried out for her 3 sons. They were homeless on the streets and living in our church with the other homeless in Pomona, Ca. that came to Set Free Church. This happened 7years ago and somehow I forgot about it. The FINGER taped my shoulder and reminded me, I am is Still I am! Thanks Pastor Kirk Overstreet Acts 13:38-39 www.setfreerocks.com www.youtube.com/kirkoverstreet

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