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Holding on tight

The movies I have made have both taken almost two years to complete from start to finish, and I have become somewhat comfortable with the process. There are a million moving parts at any given moment, but the time frame you have to juggle those parts makes it tolerable. Putting on this Furious Love Event (a little more than a week away) is an entirely new experience for all of us here at Wanderlust. I think at this point we’re just hoping we don’t fall flat on our faces and forget something important. I think God likes the fact that I dream big, but I also think He gets a kick out of watching me trying to go after that bigness. It’s like my 9 year old proudly announcing to me that she’s going to write a novel and her daddy is going to get it published for her. Okay sweety, lets see you write it first and then we’ll talk about reality. Sometimes I feel like God is just patting me on my head, inwardly chuckling at his crazy kid with his big visions filled with hope and change.

But I also believe God is the great enabler of big dreams and visions, so while He’s humoring me, He’s also rolling up His sleeves to help His kid out, and in turn, make the reality of my dreams far bigger than even I thought they could be. It all points back to the fact that I can do nothing without Him. Absolutely nothing. But with Him, in Him, and through Him, I can change the world–even as I bumble around in the dark.

It appears that the Furious Love Event is going to be one jammed affair, and I hope everyone who is coming is ready for a Holy Spirit blowout of epic proportions. We’re going to be filming like maniacs all week there, and, once again, I’m dreaming big in regards to the DVD series we’re going to create from it. 11 DVDs, tons of stuff from behind-the-scenes, extra teaching even attendees won’t be seeing, and a lot of fun. I’m famous for not being the biggest fan of conferences, so I figure if I’m actually going to put one on, then it better be doggone fun, and I’m going to try to capture that in what we film. It’s time for church to stop being so boring and serious. I’m sick of serious. I just want real.

We also recently got back from filming overseas in China and Taiwan for Father of Lights. While in China, we decided to make our mark on the Great Wall…

The Great Wall of Wanderlust

I guess when it all boils down to it, that’s really what we want deep down, isn’t it? To make our mark on the world, whether it’s the wider world or the one directly in front of us–we just want to feel…useful. The most depressing times of my life is when I wasn’t particularly doing much of anything for anyone. I think we’re hardwired for service, especially once we have become a new creation in Christ. As much as we want to just worry about ourselves, we never really feel fully alive until we’re outward focused. But of course, our culture isn’t big on worrying about others. Just do what makes you feel good, you gotta worry about yourself. I wonder if that’s why so many Christians are bummed out by the lack of their own lives. Why they’re constantly buying more books on what to do next, or how to get “more of God in their own lives”, as if what they currently have isn’t enough.

I would submit that we do have everything we need in Christ. If you’re feeling insignificant or downtrodden or depressed that you’re just a big, crappy Christian, that you must simply look up. Not to the sky, but in front of you. Who is there? Who needs you? Who needs to be loved? I don’t think you’ll have to look far.

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