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It is finished. Sort of…

 Furious Love is done.  Sort of.  

For all of you who have been praying, and following along on this journey, and are eagerly awaiting the follow up to Finger of God, let me start out by saying thank you so very much for your prayers and your support.  

This past Friday I wrote my last line (I actually cried when I wrote it, so I can’t wait to see what it does to people when they see the visuals that go with it!) and placed my last piece of footage on my editing timeline.  This was a journey that took a year and a half of my life (utterly consumed it, is a better way to put it) and in the process completely changed my heart.  I’ve seen things that you will see in a few months when this movie is released, and I have a feeling your heart is going to be changed just like mine was.  

I remember when I was putting Finger together in my living room and how my entire theology was changed by what I saw and experienced.  The miraculous had just been opened up to me, and as I left my doubt and excuses behind me, I wondered why every Christian doesn’t believe what Jesus had to say about us receiving and administering His power.  I thought Finger might be an important film for a few hundred people, that it might open up some discussion and get some people to maybe dig a little more into their own theology and belief systems to figure out exactly what they believe and why.  I knew I’d get some heat for that first 15 minutes, and true to form I have, but I was simply reporting what I saw and filmed.  But again, I figured the movie would speak to some people and start some discussions, which is pretty much all I counted on.

Of course, millions have now seen it and it’s started a lot more than just discussions.  Healings, revivals, salvations, the works. 

But making this movie has been an entirely different experience.  For one, I know that a ton of people are going to see this thing.  But now that I’ve finished putting the story together–taking 150 hours footage and compressing it down to 90 minutes–I’m pretty aware of how people are going to react to this thing.  I know the sections people are going to have a hard time with, but I’ve tried to make a movie that hits it hard right at the start and doesn’t let up the rest of the way.  There’s nothing here that resembles the first 15 minutes of Finger, nothing that should cause people to send me nasty emails telling me I’m going to hell for leading Christians astray.  I mean, the movie is about love.  If you’ve got a problem with that, well, I’m not sure what you WILL like.  What is here is 90 minutes of God’s love for all of us at it’s most raw, most powerful, and most potent form.  For people who just know God loves them in their head and don’t yet feel it in their hearts…well…get ready.

I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve done in my entire life.  I said it when I started filming, and I will say it again here.  Now that I’ve put the whole thing together, Furious Love was the reason I was put on this earth.  After this, everything else is just gravy.

Of course, now that the rough cut is complete, let the long, tedious journey of turning a rough cut into a shining, shimmering final cut begin!


  • sir chris britton

    sweet! can't wait to see the film and spread the love!

  • Michael

    Man, I was a HUGE fan of Finger of God! In many ways, it was a catalyst to my friends and I to explore the supernatural realms of the Kingdom and partner with God to manifest His love on the earth! That said, I am so looking forward to Furious Love!!! I can't wait to see it! Lord, please let this film impact lives and hearts for Your Kingdom!

  • Duncan

    Just want to encourage you that I am really glad you put the 1st 15 mins of Finger of God in. Also really looking forward to Furious Love.

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