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Let's Begin Again

I feel like I always start out my blog entries by apologizing for not making more blog entries, so I’m resolved not to do so this time!

That being said, it HAS been a long time since I last talked about the various happenings here at Wanderlust Productions, so why not just jump right into it for those of you who are following along on our crazy, wonderful little journey.

Obviously, the biggest news of late has been the release of Furious Love on DVD. I remember sitting on a plane, heading home from somewhere overseas, listening to some tunes and daydreaming a bit, and realizing that I wanted Furious Love to be the best film ever made about the love of God. While I’m not sure on the extravagance of my desire being reached, I am more than delighted by the overwhelming and fervent reactions we have been receiving since it’s “theatrical” release last February. This film is being embraced even more than Finger of God has been, and the stories I’m hearing of transformation and rededication to love the lost from all over the body of Christ is making the whole process of putting that film together (which wasn’t easy, I can assure you) more than worth it. It’s also firing me up to begin filming the next one, but more on that in a bit. In the meantime, please continue to show the film to your friends, keep signing up for showings (you can do that at furiouslovefilm.com), and keep moving further towards radical love!

Okay, so what else is happening? Well, we’ve started a non-profit wing of Wanderlust called The Wanderlust Foundation. Check out the website at wanderlustfoundation.org. Basically, the non-profit is twofold: 1) we will be training students to basically do what we do; and, 2) we’ll have them come alongside ministries the Lord has made clear to us we are to highlight to the worldwide body of Christ. Our first partner is the children’s home at Bokaro, India. The second one will be announced soon, but here’s a sneak peek: it involves gypsies. I know, I know, a real shocker if you’ve already seen Finger of God! But we’re all set up and ready to roll, so feel free to check out what we’re doing and if the Lord lays it on your heart to give to what we’re doing, by all means come alongside and partner with us. We’re also exploring the possibilities of occasionally bringing teams with us to these places to minister and love on “the least of these”, so let us know if that’s something you would get excited about!

Also, we have been hard at work on a…get this…cartoon! That’s right, a Wanderlust Productions cartoon is on its way, and if I might be so bold–it’s going to be pretty awesome! I’ve got three kids of my own, and I wanted to make something for them that dealt with real spiritual issues, had kingdom values, and, of course, was way cool. I think we’ve accomplished that, so we’ll keep you posted on when that will be coming out. A lot of it will depend on the industry reaction to the pilot we’re creating. Oh, and it’s called “Anointed Fighters“, by the way…

UPDATE: The cartoon is now available on DVD!

My new book will be coming out on April 1, 2011. We’ll probably start taking pre-orders sometime around the new year, so keep an eye out for that. The official title is: Filming God: A Journey From Skepticism To Faith, and it’s being published by Destiny Image. It’s a collection of stories from my four years of traveling the world trying to film an invisible God, and I’ve tried to make it as accessible (and as funny) as possible.

We’re nearing the end of filming for our next documentary, about UFC legend Ken Shamrock. Now my boy Ken just needs to retire so we can start post-production already! Seriously, it’s been a real joy getting to know Ken and his wife Tonya, as well as their whole crew out in Reno. Just a quick warning, though, we’re not really making this movie for the church, so to speak. It’s going to be a little edgier than our first two films, but then again, we’re making it for an edgier audience. Of course, we continue to get angry emails from people who are upset with the name of our company, so I guess I’m getting used to a little controversy! (a quick side note, to everyone who writes to inform me that I’m being sinful for having “lust” in the name of my company–Wanderlust Productions–please remember that “wanderlust” is one word, not two. Also, please buy a dictionary. Finally, since we’re taking words completely out of context to voice our complaints, I am assuming that it is wrong for Christians to own Shitzu dogs? But I digress…)

Finally, assuming I haven’t offended everyone by now and you’re still reading, we are about to begin filming for the follow up to Furious Love on September 13! Father of Lights will start in Siberia, of all places, and the Lord is already setting up stuff for us to film that is even BIGGER and more amazing than anything in Finger of God and Furious Love. I am utterly amazed at how awesome He is as well as how incredibly ACTIVE He is around the world. I can’t say much about what it’s about, but expect a massive, epic film to finish off the trilogy.

Well I think that’s long enough, don’t you? I’ll try to keep you more informed as we get closer on some of these projects, and maybe we’ll even put some cool little surprises on our website for you (some sneak peeks, maybe?). In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers (we need it!) and in particular, lift us up in prayer from Sept. 13-21 (our Russia trip).

Thanks everyone, for your continues support. Bless you!



  • Wendy Weldon

    Father of Lights - Every good and perfect gift is from above - coming down from the Father of Lights Who does not change like shifting shadows... (James 1:17) Love it!

  • Kevin Sherman

    Siberia?! I want to go to there. Exciting stuff you guys have cookin'! And you didn't mention the new studio...

  • Kimberly Schmidt

    Thanks for the update. I'm excited about all the things you're doing! A cartoon - how cool! Be praying for you all in Siberia!

  • Shonali

    Ahahhaha! I love the seventh paragraph. "...please buy a dictionary...is it wrong for Christians to own Shitzu dogs?"

  • Vicky Dolinsky

    I will be in prayer for all your efforts - Godspeed ahead!

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