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 For all of you who might be following along on this crazy little journey I’m making to film Furious Love, I just wanted to give you a brief update as to where we’re at in the process.  The first 5 minutes of the film are complete, and I’m hoping to have a new website for the film up and running this Fall sometime, and you’ll be able to catch sneak peeks at the upcoming film there.  I have a personal mandate to make the film much, much more powerful than Finger of God (so far so good on that front!) and also much more funny.  Since I’m making a movie about such "serious" things like demon possession, the sex trade, the persecuted church, and a whole lot more–I think it’s important to make sure the film has a fair amount of humor in it.  God’s kingdom doesn’t HAVE to be so serious, you know!

After a few months off to finish my teaching semester at Judson University, we’re now back in full swing filming the final leg for Furious Love.  I just returned from Northern California where we filmed God doing some incredible things at a New Age festival.  Included: I filmed one of the most powerful things I will probably ever put into a movie.  Of course I have to keep it a secret, but rest assured when this scene hits, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.  For those of you who were praying for us, thank you so much.  God moved amazingly, but we’re starting to notice an upturn in the amount of spiritual warfare coming against us when we go out to film.  Some very strange, bizarre things happened on this last trip, and we are realizing the intense need for intercessors to step up and pray for us when we go out to film.  My assistant director is back filming in Indonesia as I write this (he’ll return on May 22), so please be lifting both he and his wife up in prayer until then.  

Next up, we’ll be traveling to Europe in early June.  For those committed to praying, please lift us up daily in prayer from June 3-14, as we’ll be in Amsterdam, Germany, and Spain filming.  

As for updates on Finger of  God, it continues to spread like wildfire around the world.  I was just told by a man from Iceland that the film has literally turned that entire country on fire for more of the Lord.  He told me that over 700 copies of the film were recently distributed there (there are only 3,000 Christians total!), which means that nearly 1 in every 4 Christians in Iceland owns the film, which, in turn, one would reason, that nearly every Christian in Iceland has watched Finger of God.  This man told me that churches around the country are now pressing in for more of God, more of His presence.  This humbles me to no end. 

 Currently in America, we have just signed a deal with the Gospel Music Channel to begin broadcasting Finger on their station (45 million homes), and the Sundance Channel is possibly interested as well.  Also, the 700 Club has just contacted me and will be doing a feature on me sometime in the Fall.  Amazing, all of it.  God is a wonderful, incredible promoter.  We don’t have to do a whole lot ourselves if He’s pushing us from behind.

I’ll try to keep up the posts this summer, although my schedule is completely out of control.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!


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  • Jim Funderburk

    Finger of God touched me in a time when I am seeking a deeper flow of Holy Spirit. I am inspired!! You can count on me for prayer support in regard to your future endeavors. Satan may try, but will not win at halting your efforts!!!

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