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Welcome to our new website! As Finger of God continues to gather steam around the world, we figured it was time to upgrade to accommodate the growing number of people who want more information about the film and our future projects. So take a look around and enjoy a little more interaction with the film.

We actually have two new websites: one for Wanderlust Productions the company (this website) and one for Finger of God (www.fingerofgodfilm.com). Later this summer we will be unveiling the website for our next feature film, Furious Love. We will announce its launch here.

Now, on to the updates. So much has happened since I was last able to post a blog, it’s hard to know even where to begin. Finger of God has literally been exploding around the world, fueled entirely by your word of mouth. I continue to be flooded with emails of God’s power showing up after screenings, of people being healed while watching the movie, and of renewed levels of faith and belief in our wonderful, loving God.

First, the big news. TBN has recently jumped on board and we are finalizing a deal that will allow them to broadcast the film worldwide for the next 3 years. We are doing a similar deal with Sky TV in the UK. Both networks will show a shortened version of the film, but many will at least be able to get a taste for what God is doing around the world. We will keep you posted as to when the film will be shown for both networks (it should start sometime in August).

We have also finally completed remastering the Finger of God DVD, and we have fixed many of the annoying technical issues that plagued the first “version” of the film, most notably the aspect ratio (the new version now fills your whole screen) and we have cleaned up all of the audio. We have also cut the film a little bit (we’ve chopped 4 minutes off) and added a new and improved DVD menu. Little things all, but we think they were necessary.

Many of you have asked about a PAL version of the film, and that is coming. OHTV on the Sky network in the UK will be partnering with us to create and distribute a PAL version of the movie, so that will be coming later this summer. Thanks for being patient all you PAL people!

Finally, a quick update on the deluxe version of the film, which many people have been asking about. In case you haven’t heard, we will be releasing a “deluxe” version of Finger of God sometime in October. It will include 5 dvds chock full of extras. We’ll have lots of miracle stories, interviews, extra footage, and a whole lot more. It’s going to be pretty amazing and a really useful tool for a lot of people and churches. I’ll give more information regarding particulars in the next few months, but we will have it available for pre-order later this summer so you can be sure to get it as soon as it is released. We’re working hard to keep it affordable, so keep an eye out for that one.

Thanks again for all your support and all the emails letting me know how much the film has blessed you. God continues to amaze me with this thing. Keep checking back with us as we’ll have many more new developments to share with you in the coming weeks.

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  • Beth Mallory

    Hi Darren, I picked up your dvd in Iowa during a Global Awakening school this past week.I tried to get it earlier thru Sid Roth and somehow thru processing my order it fell thru. I was so excited to find it! Man, I watched and wept my way thru it.It so impacted my heart. I'm taking it to my church leaders and asking if we can see it as a body. For a little time now God have been stirring in my heart that this love and power that He has deposited in us,needs to flow out in the highways and byways.Your film has put an amen to this.I cant wait to see the next one.I've been praying for people outside of church for a short time,on the streets,grocery stores and such. I want eyes to see what the Father is doing and partner with His heart of love and compassion. Thank you soo much for this film Darren! God bless you on this adventure of sharing Gods heart with us!!

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