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God is Smarter Than You

If you read through our Monthly News this month, you are by now aware that we are attempting to do some things this summer that are, well, a little lofty. One of our mottos here at Wanderlust is “go big or go home,” and my team and I all have similar desires to make sure that whatever we do shines with professionalism, artistry, and excellence. Over the years of working closely with God to make these movies, I’ve also learned another valuable lesson from Him. Namely, He dreams WAY bigger than we do.

So when the Lord told me to take this movie out on tour, my first thought was a modest something-or-other, something we could manage and pull off with little to no sweat. 10-15 stops over three months. Got it. Check. But then I started down the path of putting it together, and quickly learned that God had other plans.

God dreams big. I think partly because He’s the creator of the Universe, and, you know, that by default makes Him big. But I also think part of it has to do with the fact that He’s really, really smart. He’s infinitely intelligent, so He sees things much differently than we do. I suppose it’s the same with any two beings who have vast differences in their intelligence.

I have three children, 10, 7, and 3. Since my 10 year old is almost as smart as me, let’s use the 3 year old as our example. River is of average intelligence for a kid, but let’s face it, he’s 3, so he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed just yet. Knowing that, sometimes he is faced with a problem that I KNOW he can handle, but HE doesn’t know it yet. Let’s say we’re playing blocks and we’re going to build a tower together. He looks at the situation and figures okay, I’m going to build something as tall as me. But then I come along and say, no, River, actually I want you to build a tower all the way to the ceiling. On the surface, and in River’s mind, that’s impossible. He can only reach above his head, and he’s not allowed to climb on ladders, so technically there is no way he can make this happen. Yet I insist this is what I want you to do. Now go do it.

At this point he has one of two options. Give up, or move forward in faith that his old man knows what he’s asking of him. This first hurdle is nothing to sneeze at, as I find many, many people who are still struggling to take that first step of faith into the seemingly impossible. But assuming River does trust his dad, then he starts building the blocks up to his head, and then stops and looks at me. This is as far as he can go. So, dad, what do you want to do now?

At that point, I pick him up and hold him in the air, a little higher each time, as he places the blocks on top of one another. It is the impossible for him becoming possible, and it couldn’t be easier for him. He couldn’t have foreseen that I was going to do this, frankly, because he’s not as smart as me, and I want him to learn at an early age that his dad can be trusted. Why can I be trusted? Because I love the kid.

So as I took that step of faith and started calling churches, many of which I have never had any contact with, and, even more frightening, had never heard of my films, I was only doing what my dad had asked me to do, and I was trusting that He would pick me up and make this easy. And guess what, it’s been easier than I ever dreamed. Megachurches are throwing their doors open to me, some without having seen the movie yet! I talk to them, and they begin to cry because the Holy Spirit falls on them, and they know this is God.

Do I have a lot of work in front of me, now that my vision has expanded to more fit God’s vision? Of course I do, but at least I can rest in the knowledge that even as His giant vision overtakes our little one, He’ll be right behind me, hands under my armpits, knees bent, just waiting for the perfect time to pick me up and show me how much He can be trusted.

Yet again.

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  • Matt Davies

    Great post. I love the story about you and your little boy. :-) helps put things in perspective, primarliy closer to God's perspective. :-)

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