Holy Ghost 3: Testify

In early 2024, Darren Wilson was working on an entirely different project when he had a vivid dream he immediately knew was from God.

“In my dream I was in the arctic surrounded by ice and snow. Gathered around me was every person I had ever filmed over my career. We were there to film my next movie, and for this scene I was the one being filmed. Cut out of the ice was a small body of water, about the size of a swimming pool. They were going to film me jumping into this freezing water. Right before I jumped in, though, a friend of mine, Darren Davis (who, it should be noted, shares my same name) ran up and jumped in first and swam around for a bit. When he got out, I checked the water and the entire surface was covered with hair clippings. I then took a running jump and leaped into the water, thinking it was going to be shockingly cold, but instead, it was very pleasant and warm. I floated for a while thinking how wonderful this was, and then I woke up.

Now, for me, water always represents the Holy Spirit in my dreams. Always. And here I was surrounded by frozen water (the Spirit) and jumping into water (the Spirit) with everyone I’ve ever filmed watching. Darren (a representative of me) jumped in first and left behind a bunch of hair clippings. Those hair clippings represented things I had filmed in the past but were either left on the cutting room floor or had been used for other outlets besides a feature film.

And just like that, Holy Ghost 3: Testify was born. I had no intention of doing something like this, indeed I’d never even had the thought to return to past footage. But when the Lord gives you an idea, it’s always best to do it!

Like all my films, the story is found in the editing process, and this was no different. I tried a number of different ways to put this together, to figure out how the Spirit was tying all these disparate stories together. Finding the story for me is always a process of trial and error, where I lean heavily on what I hear the Holy Spirit saying in partnership with me. In the end, the version you can now watch, I think, is the best version. The stories may seem unrelated at first, but by the end, there is a unifying point to it all.

Even if you’ve seen some of these stories before, almost all of them have been reimagined and reedited. I’ve tried to cut out all the fat and just get to the essence of what the Holy Spirit was doing on each shoot, and I’ve given each story the full cinematic treatment with new music and new footage.

This movie is like an upgraded time capsule, but it also shows that the works of the Holy Spirit, no matter when they occur, are not only powerful, but also timeless.”

Filmed over a 10 year period in Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, Nigeria, and the U.S., Holy Ghost 3: Testify looks back at a wide variety of stories that Darren Wilson filmed that were never featured in his films or were filmed for his television show, Adventures With God.

Every story has been reimagined, re-edited, and given the full cinematic treatment, resulting in a surprisingly fresh film that simply yet powerfully shows the Holy Spirit at work in the world today. This is a surprising addition to the Holy Ghost series, born from a dream Darren had, pulled from the archives, but is just as potent and powerful as anything filmmaker Darren Wilson has made in the past.

The film will be released later this year, but on June 14-16 we will be having a sneak peek of the film months before it’s official release. You will also have the opportunity to purchase the film early during this sneak peek window.

We will show the film during this time through our free app, WP TV (you can also watch it on your computer if you prefer). The WP TV app is available on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, as well as iOS and Android devices.

To get access to the film, you will simply create a free WP TV account when you purchase the sneak peek ($5). Simply login to your account any time during June 14-16 and you will be able to watch the film as many times as you like in that window.

Sign up now. For less than a cup of coffee you can watch a film that will challenge you, surprise you, and will definitely entertain you! Watch God pour out his love in some of the most creative and powerful ways you’ve ever seen in Holy Ghost 3: Testify.

When you watch this film, you will see Robby Dawkins. A lot. This was not intentional. In all honesty, this is a movie I was never going to make until God gave me a vivid dream in early 2024. So why am I bringing up Robby Dawkins? Truth be told, he plays a big part in this film, and indeed, he plays one of the biggest parts in my entire career of filmmaking. I have filmed an enormous swath of ministers and ministries over the years, and to be brutally honest, many of them started out well but finished horribly. When I filmed with them they were solid and in love with Jesus, but for whatever reason, many of them succumbed to the fame or the money side of ministry.

But not Robby. Robby is one of the most solid ministers I’ve ever met. It’s why he keeps showing up in my films! There aren’t many ministries I would encourage people to sow into, but Robby’s is certainly at the top of the list.

The things he is doing in some of the most dangerous places on earth for Christians is astounding. He’s going into places like Iran, Afghanistan, and others in the Middle East and is raising up bold, empowered believers to do what Jesus did—and for many, this will lead to death.

You can support Robby’s ministry to many of the most persecuted Christians in the world here through any of the ways below. 

Help him reach our fellow believers who are desperate for the Word of God, as well as training them to do what Jesus did in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Robby Dawkins QR Code
August 4, 2024
Darren Wilson & Braden Heckman
Robby Dawkins, Bryan Schwartz, Todd White, Randy Clark, Brad Stine, Brian “Head” Welch, Reinhard Bonnke, Jamie Galloway, Will Hacker, Big Daddy Weave


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