Holy Ghost Reborn

Can the Holy Spirit direct a movie? In this emotional follow up to the popular and controversial Holy Ghost, Director Darren Wilson continues his journey around the world in his quest to make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. Although the scope of the film is indeed huge, with Darren filming in the middle of a massive protest in Rome, with a witch doctor in Africa, with prostitutes and the homeless in Brazil, amidst the ancient ruins of Greece, and even with a group of Navy SEALs, Holy Ghost Reborn is ultimately a film about one man’s search for the Spirit of God. It is a Spirit that created the Universe, but ultimately desires to reveal the truth of Jesus to all of us. Darren searches for an invisible God, and finds a tangible friend who relentlessly and passionately pursues us all.

Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn were initially conceived as two sides of the same coin. While Darren filmed both movies simultaneously (at first he thought he was only making one film), when it came time to put them together a clear delineation appeared. Holy Ghost was designed to capture your attention and challenge you, which is why it’s filled with street evangelists, rock stars, and impossible events. Reborn is, in a sense, designed to capture your heart and make you fall more in love with Jesus. It is a much more emotional film, capturing powerful moments of deep change in people. It is still a vast movie with outrageous events (dancing with witch doctors, filming inside a student protest…) but the focus is not so much to challenge as it is to inspire.

Since the focus of this film is to touch people’s hearts, and since so many of the adventures we show lead people to Christ, it made sense to have the title focus on “rebirth”. Also, our hope is for people to walk away with a fresh perspective of the Holy Spirit, which in some sense allows for the idea of the Holy Spirit being “reborn” in their understanding.

We believe that God is still speaking to and working through people in a variety of ways today. When Darren started this project, he knew he wanted it, as much as possible, to be “led by the Holy Spirit”. To that end, he prayed often, attempting to “hear” what the Holy Spirit was saying to him: where to go, what to do, sometimes even how to film. Sometimes he heard a still, small voice in his head; sometimes he and those around him had dreams directing them where to go (one such example is shown vividly in this film); sometimes he would get a familiar feeling in his stomach that told him that God was on something.

So as much as possible, Darren tried to hear where the Holy Spirit wanted him to go film, and typically he and his crew would then show up there with no idea what they were supposed to do. So Darren prayed some more, they would walk around talking and praying for people, and eventually it would become clear why they had been “led” there.

Even in the editing, the Holy Spirit, as much as possible, guided Darren. Darren spends a lot of time in prayer during the editing process, dialoguing back and forth with God, getting or refining ideas. It’s not a magic trick, and we believe that God wants to partner with us on our creative projects, not simply tell us what to do all the time. He is interested in our ideas as well!

From start to finish, our goal has been to position ourselves in such a way that God, as much as possible, could lead and guide us through the entire process of making this film.

Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson
Todd White, Bill Johnson, Kim Walker-Smith, Chad Norris, RT Kendall, Banning Liebscher, Robby Dawkins, Bryan Schwartz, Surprise Sithole, Nic Billman, Gary Wilson, Reinhard Bonnke, Phil Vischer, Lee Grady, Heidi Baker, Jamie Galloway, Brian & Jenn Johnson, Randy Clark, Paul Lavelle, Will Hart, Che Ahn, William P Young
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