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Please pray

 As I write this, I am getting ready to head out to Seattle to do an interview with George Otis Jr. (he’s the man behind the Transformation videos).  He’s got lots of great stories to tell me, and I’m looking forward to hearing them.  Two weeks after that we will be heading to a place of extreme darkness, and we’re going to be bringing the light with us.  For those of you who are unaware, I am currently in the process of filming for my next movie, Furious Love, where we will be going to some heavy, heavy places with our only weapon being the love of the Father for his children.  We’re not bringing condemnation, only love.  And we’ll turn the cameras on and see what happens.

With that in mind, please pray for us for the next two weeks.  I’ll explain where I’m going once we’ve finished filming there, but just understand that it is a dark, dark place.  We won’t be in any danger (we will in some places we are going), but the darkness is so real and thick here that we need the prayers of the saints to rise up and pray for breakthrough.  I am filming the war between the darkness and the light, and as we bring the light to a very dark place in two weeks, I ask that you will join with us and pray for us.  Pray for breakthrough.  Pray for God to release his love in the dark places.  Pray for Him to show His power when our cameras are turned on.  We have no idea what to expect or what we will film (is there any other way to make a movie about God?), and without God’s participation, nothing will happen.  So please, join with us and pray.  

And if you are with us and will commit to pray for the next two weeks for God’s glory to breakthrough in this dark place, then please send us a quick email at [email protected].  I sure could use the encouragement and the protection!

Besides that, things with Finger continue to move forward at almost breakneck pace.  Our TBN broadcasts have gone extremely well, and we continue to get lots of emails from people telling us how touched they were by what they saw.  We are currently trying to finalize a deal with an international distributor that will push the message of Finger out into the broad, big world.  And in case I didn’t mention it before, Christianity Today is going to be running a review of Finger of God in their December issue!  So make sure you buy a copy and check it out when it’s released.  

We’re also working our way to completing our budget for the next film.  We’re halfway there, and God is amazingly faithful.  I can hardly wait to share Furious Love with you all.  I honestly believe it’s going to be 10 times better than Finger is.  If things keep progressing the way they are now, it is going to be devestating (in a good way) to those who see it.  We are trying, quite simply, to make a movie where everyone can finally understand what Christianity is supposed to look like–what the Father’s heart is made of, namely, titanium love.  Unbreakable love.  Ferocious love.  Powerful love.  Furious love.


  • mary mallory

    Glad to hear you are hooking up with George Otis Jr. I like his work very much and yours fits with it. I am able to order his dvds wholesale for my church book store and am wondering if I can do the same with you. We also send them overseas to workers in dark places. Will pray God's blessings and protection for you. Mary

  • Pastors Mike and Toni (Montreal, Canada)

    Wow, totally awesome. We will pray for you, and God will show up, and show off (in a good way). Thats how we pray Lord show up and show off, show Montreal that you are alive and that you love this city. Keep going strong, because the world will be turned upside down for CHrist because of the work you are doing. We will be putting a link of your web-site on our youth web-site. Lord keep you and guide you. Love Pastor Mike and Toni

  • Joel Kim

    The Lord is using you to do groundbreaking work...praise God! Finally, the world will be able to see the power of God through your films, and not just words-because of His love for His children. I sincerely thank God for people like you who are willing to step out of the boat and walk on water...my prayers are with you! Press on! The films God produces through you can bring salvation to many.

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