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 Well it’s been a little quiet on the old blog lately as I’m spending almost all of my time these days working on completing the rough cut of Furious Love in my studio.  But I figured I should take a moment to update you all on the progress we’re making, and fill you in a little bit on new developments that are taking place.

First of all, progress on Furious Love has been incredible, to say the least.  While the film won’t be released until February 14, 2010, our goal is to have the movie totally done by the new year.  How it works is like this.  I sit in my cave of a studio every day for 6 hours, by myself, and beg the Holy Spirit to show me what to do.  I put the film together roughly (which is why it’s called a rough cut) and I don’t worry about anything other than getting the story in place.  Ultimately, this is my story, my journey into the heart of darkness in search of God’s love, so I’m pretty much the only one who can figure out what the story is going to be.  I have over 150 hours of footage to sift through to find that story, so I very much need the Lord to guide the way.  It’s what happened when I put Finger of God together, and I’m banking on it happening again this time.  I know I could make a pretty decent movie if I only relied on my own ideas and brilliance (or lack thereof), but I don’t want to make a decent movie.  If we’re going to make a movie about the love the Father has for the whole world, it has to be a masterpiece.  And only God can create a masterpiece.

So I guess the question is, how much have you done and is it any good?  Well, at this point I’ve finished the first half of the rough cut (a little more than 40 minutes).  I’ve been able to show it to a handful of friends, family, and people in the ministry, and everyone agrees, hands down, that Furious is 100 times better than Finger of God.  I remember when I first showed Finger of God publicly I was more nervous than I was on my wedding day–I had no idea if it was any good.  But this film is different.  I live with this thing every day, for hours at a time, and I’m still getting rocked by it every time I watch it.  

My goal is to have the rough cut finished within a month, and then the long, tedious road of finishing begins.  Color correction, sound editing and mixing, professional recording, and generally making it look and sound like an honest-to-goodness movie.  You know, the fun stuff.

One final note: as far as the release goes, we will officially be joining with Heartstone Pictures in an attempt to change the face of Christian film distribution.  Please visit their website at: www.heartstonepictures.com to find out more about what we’re doing and to sign up your church to be a distributor for Furious Love.

I’ll write again when the rough cut is finished or something big happens!

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