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In case you haven’t heard about it yet, we’re going to be having a big ole’ Holy Spirit Supernova in Monroe, Michigan on April 6-9 for the Furious Love Event. Not only will we have 9 incredible speakers pouring wisdom, revelation, and God’s healing power on those who are coming (hurry up and get your tickets–group rates are now available), but Wanderlust Productions will be making one of the most unique teaching DVD sets you’ve ever seen from the Event itself.

This is where you come in. I conceived this Event as a way to create a kind of teaching supplement to my films. The movies seem to do a good job inciting hearts to burn for God, but I find that many people get fired up for a new life of radical Christianity, but haven’t the faintest idea what to do next. This Event is designed to fill in those gaps.

So here’s what I need from you. Hit “comment” below and ask a question, any question about God, Christianity, healing, spiritual warfare, radical love, missions–literally any question you’d like to ask me or any of the wonderful, challenging people you’ve seen in my films. Ask us the hard questions. The questions that have been gnawing at you. Imagine Heidi Baker, or Philip Mantofa, or Robby Dawkins is on your couch next to you, and you can pick their brain with the kinds of questions they might be able to provide wisdom to given their extensive experiences and walk with the Lord.

So ask away, and there is no limit to how much you can ask. Like I said, this teaching DVD will be quite unique, and it starts with your questions.

And once you’ve asked your question, sign up for the Event. This is not something you’re going to want to miss!


  • Michael Morejon

    Hi, my question is: With spiritual warfare, what's your experience in having the most success? What have you (whoever answers the question) seen works best? Of course, prayer/fasting/praise/worship is essential, but is there any revelation that Holy Spirit has shown you that helps in the process? God isn't a program nor a box, I understand, but revelation shows us better ways, efficient ways of advancing God's kingdom. Thanks so much, hope my question gets on the DVD :)

  • Aneska Spies

    My question is a bit of a funny one, but one which I'm not really too familiar with and one which I would love more clarity on. A friend of mine was telling me that a family member is able to do tarot card readings and she says that it's God's guardian angels that he has assigned to us that speaks to her and gives her messages for those who she is doing readings for. Now my question is, surely this is not from God as I think it speaks to us in the Bible about that doesn't it?

  • Tomas Vasut

    Hi, I really like your first movie - Finger of God. I´m thinking about how to get it into Czech Republic (small country in the middle Europe). I have never seen it somewhere in a shop by us. I mean to let it translate into my language and distribute. Would it be possible? Thank you for your effort and responce in advance. Rgds. Tom.

  • Cynthia

    Hello, Will "Furious Love" have Korean subtitles any time soon?! I would love to show this to the Korean community... Thank you!

    • Darren Wilson

      We will be making digital downloads available on our site in the beginning of February that include Korean subtitles. We will also be releasing an International Version DVD mid-March that includes both Finger of God and Furious Love.

  • Peter

    First of all, if I were on the couch next to these uber-fruitful people, I would be too moved to ask any questions, especially ones that confront them in any way. Who am I? I would want to confirm anything they say. If I were looking for a DVD teaching series, I would hope that it most of all inspires. But I would look for it to address several questions. Here are a few. Is a woman's role in ministry different from a man's? If so, how? If God heals because he loves people, why do some not get healed? How can we tell between a Holy Spirit manifestation and a demonic manifestation? I am hoping to come to this event!

  • Drew

    What things do people believe are contrversial in the Church? What is the difference between a "religous Christian" and a "real christian"? Sometimes I know it is possible for people to actually reject the truth and follow a false version of Christianity. How can we be sure we are actually following God instead of rejecting him? How can we radically impact people around us?

  • Carlos

    I have prayed for people and sometimes they have been healed, and sometimes not. Usually, they have been healed when I felt Holy Spirit prompting or leading me to pray for a specific person for a specific thing. Anyways, I understand that there are a lot of factors/dynamics involved in a healing (or lack thereof). But my understanding also is that God is the Healer and always wants to heal and give life, and because sickness, disease, etc. are not part of his Kingdom at all. So my question is, understanding this, how do you respond, or what do you communicate to people who genuinely want to be healed, and are willing to receive prayer, and even believe that God will heal them, and no healing takes place??? This can create an awkward scenario. And my concern is that those persons will walk away doubting God more, or believing something worse about him than they did before (like God doesn't think i'm important enough to heal me, God doesn't really want to heal me, God isn't really good, I haven't done enough to please him for him to heal me, etc. etc. etc.) So that is my question. And I have also heard it from other believers/saints who either do pray for the sick, or are wanting to but held back by fears like this. How do you deal with that situation? What is the (best) mindset to approach this scenario with?? PS I imagine there might be two answers, one dealing with a unbeliever/unchurched person, and the other when dealing with a believer/saint

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