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 This is just a short one, but for those of you who care, this month’s issue of Christianity Today (March, 2009) contains a review of Finger of God.  Go pick it up and check it out!  

Also, go to our "Press" page on the website to check out the glowing review of Finger that will be in the April, 2009 edition of Charisma magazine.  

It still amazes me that people are actually paying attention to this crazy little film…

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  • Nick Rawlings

    Thanks for bringing all these 'God Stories' to us wider public, spreading His fame, growing our faith and encouraging us to step out into what He's doing today. So glad that you're being held in this and really looking forward to discovering more... Two little things about Finger: first, on the 'extra footage' disk where there's more from Francis, the guy who God raised from the dead. Surprisa, who drove his body to the hospital, tells how Francis describes what happens - the "jingle-jo" he mentions is a sort of fairground swing, so when he died he said it felt like coming off this big swing. In case anyone was wondering what that meant. 2nd, on Healings Part 2, the soundtrack for Stephanie Foos clip is missing - could it be posted up somewhere? Or a transcript maybe? Don't want to miss anything!!! Bless you guys! Nick.

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