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The End of The Line

The other day my wife and I were driving in the car somewhere, the kids were screaming in the back seat, and I found myself smack in the middle of suburban America, complete with the three kids, the minivan, the suburban house…the only thing missing was the white picket fence. While contemplating this utter normalcy, my wife said something that took me a bit off guard.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it, that you’ve basically created a genre of film that never existed before.”

Have to admit, never thought about it that way before.

There are a few people who have seen my rise from complete nobody who had accomplished nothing to someone who now speaks in megachurches and has his films shown around the world, and even used in college courses! All of this has happened within three years, and while God has certainly pushed me forward fairly quickly, I have been so caught up in the process of change that it’s quite difficult for me to sit back and take it all in. But occasionally, God gives me a glimpse of what He’s done.

I was recently in Phoenix speaking at a film festival put on by my friend, Patricia King. After one of my sessions, a young man came up to me and grabbed my hand. I could tell he was about to burst, but until he spoke, I didn’t yet know the context of his emotional state. He poured out his heart to me, telling me that he had come out of the homosexual community four years ago and had felt so much pressure from the Christian community, so much judgment, and he’s had to struggle through his own healing in a fairly lonely way. But then he saw Furious Love (and this is when the tears really started to flow), and he saw what we did with that lady-boy in Thailand, how we just showed him love, and through simply watching a movie, this guy found a freedom he had never known before. He thanked me profusely, blessed me, and that was it.

Those types of things happen more and more as I meet the people who have helped make these movies the phenomenon they are, and honestly, I never tire of them. I also have absolutely no idea how to react to them. I’m a fairly introverted guy, and I like nothing more than sitting in my studio (“my little cave” as I call it) and dreaming with Jesus, partnering with the Holy Spirit, and making stuff that reveals more of the Father’s heart for this generation. I make these things for myself because I want to see God move for myself. I made Furious Love in large part because the phrase “God loves you” had lost almost all of its potency for me. That He continues to use these films in others is still the most amazing irony to me.

On September 1-7 I will be taking my final trip to film for the last movie in this trilogy, Father of Lights. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to feel saying, “that’s a wrap” on this one, because it will signify the end of an incredibly special season of my life. God called me to make films when I had no idea what I was doing. He has honed our craft and skill, brought people around me who are incredibly talented and have also bought into my vision 100%, and who want to change the world as much as I do. I had so many wild God experiences while making the first two films that I wrote a book about it. For the last 6 years of my life, these films are all I’ve known. I have never NOT been working on them. So I’m not certain what feelings I’ll have when I shut down the camera for the last time. I do know where I’ll be, though, and I find solace in the fact that I will be in one of the last locations my king stood while He was here on earth. There’s something comforting in that.

If you have been touched by these films, I truly appreciate all your kind words and thanks, but please, and I mean this in all sincerity, thank the Father. He has orchestrated all of this, and He’s shown up time and again whenever we’ve turned on the camera. If He didn’t move, these films wouldn’t exist.

Father of Lights will be the last of these types of films that I’ll probably ever do, unless God tells me otherwise. He’s already shown me our next three projects, and one of them, honestly, may just be the most controversial film in recent memory. So we have other stories to tell, other topics that Daddy wants us to explore, and my promise to you is that I will continue to make these films for myself, to move me, inform me, and teach me. The moment my focus becomes you, “the public”, is the moment we go off the tracks. In the end, we’re all family, we’re all essentially the same, so honesty is always the best course of action. If it moves me, it’s going to move you. If it teaches me, it will teach you.

That’s just the way He created us, I guess. He wants us connected with one another. Because through Him, we are truly one Body.


  • David

    Thank you for the excellent work! I'm looking forward to the future! And thank you for the excellent job at keeping it all authentic. That is the most incredible blessing for those of us who have been praying into such as this for years. Love in Christian culture is so often superseded by a preachy-ness that devalues people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for avoiding that, and may Jesus' joy and strength be with you and yours in fullness!

  • Michael Morejon

    Awesome Darren. I'm glad that your making these movies for you, instead of focusing on the public. Then we as artists lose our creativity right? God gave us gifts/talents etc. to express them in the way He wants us to. We aren't here to please "people", but to please the Father. The end result is His glory touching the same gift He gave us, and others get to get touched by that glory. Wow, that sounded pretty cool. If you use it, quote me lol. God bless.

  • Sean O'Hair

    Welcome back and congratulations! I'm sure you got exactly what God wanted you to (and more than you expected). Bless you, Darren and Todd (and Braden and Matt and Brittney) and all your families. I'd been wondering for a while whether you had even heard about Todd White yet... so to see how all of this wrapped up for you -- with Todd in Israel, filming the end of "Father Of Lights" -- how great is that!?! God is awesome. And you guys are pretty cool, too. All blessings be yours, in Him. Looking forward to seeing "Father".

  • chris yow

    Yeah Darren, I was hanging out with a friend named Tony Kim the other day in Malaysia, and he asked me how I knew all these names and people, many of them his fathers and mothers (in Christ) and I thought for a minute, how do I actually know of all this stuff, and I remembered that FOG was like finding 100s of long lost loved ones. That film was like finding a treasure, true kingdom being lived out.

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