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So much has happened!

 Okay, I am officially the worst person at keeping my blog updated on the entire internet.  I’m so sorry for those of you who want your information updated!  The problem with a blog is that you never really know if ANYONE is reading it, so it gets pushed back and pushed back until it’s too late.  

It’s been so long since my last update I can’t even remember what I’ve announced, so forgive me if any of this is retread.  

My crew and I are in the final stages of filming for Furious Love.  We have been traveling the world since last July, seeing the most incredible things and meeting people who have quite literally blown us away.  I can’t wait to introduce you to them.  We have one thing left to film, in the Amazon of all places, and that’s a wrap.  Then I start the long (but fun) process of putting it all together.  I have already written about 2/3 of the film (very loosely written, mind you–it’s basically just me figuring out the feel of the thing and what generally goes where) and now I really can’t wait to get started.  We actually have the first 5 minutes totally done, and when we announce our big announcement soon you’ll finally get to have a sneak peak at the film, so stay tuned!  

We have also finalized our deal with UFC legend Ken Shamrock.  We will be making a movie about his life, Christians in the UFC, and will really try to get into the heart of that whole world.  It should be a wild movie, but I should also warn you that it probably won’t be rated G!  We’ll start filming that intensely next March and we’re hoping to have the film ready for release by the end of next year.  

Within the next couple of weeks we’ll officially announce what we’re going to do with Furious Love, but we’re going to need your help.  Quite literally, we’re going to completely bypass Hollywood and start a new system of distribution that, if it works, will change everything.  I think you’ll be blown away by it, but again, we’ll need your help in a big way.  So get ready for the Furious Love Event!  

By the way, we now have an official release date for Furious Love.  Febuary 14, 2010.  Valentine’s Day.  I felt like God said he wants this to be his valentine to the world.  

Finally, if you’re a Facebook person, make sure to go to our new page for Furious Love there.  We also have one for Finger of God where you can share your testimonies or whatever.  Just punch in the name of the films and you’ll be able to find them.  But we’ll be releasing big announcements on Facebook first, so we need to get you and all your friends and fans of the films on board!  

I promise I’ll write again soon.  Like I said, big announcements are coming!


  • sir chris britton

    I read your blogs man...and I forward them to folks!

  • mark the stone

    Keep on writing man! You've got tons of faithful readers! Can't wait for the film

  • David Metz

    oooh I'm so excited I've got chills!!!!! I read your blog bro (by the way your last post was on June 1st). Thanks for the facebook tip. God Bless/Loves You!!!

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