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Thailand update and a New Year

 Hello all.  So sorry for not letting you know how filming in Thailand went, especially those of you who faithfully prayed for us and are wondering how it went.  But we came back just in time for the holidays, and, well, I guess that kind of overtook everything else!  But better late than never, right?

Filming in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, was perhaps one of the hardest shoots I’ve ever had to do.  For one, there was the subject matter–the sex trade–which doesn’t really lend itself to many moments of levity or good humor!  We were all concerned about how we were going to deal with simply being in the heart of the red light district for a solid week, but God was incredibly gracious  to us and protected both our minds as well as us physically.  One major concern we had going in was our physical safety, as many of our "subjects" are none too happy about being filmed.  But by the end of the week, we were walking around freely, filming whatever we pleased.  We were told that would never happen, that many of the people in charge of these districts were part of the local mafia.  But it was as if we were made invisible.  For those of you who prayed for just that, I thank you.

We visited various ministries dedicated to getting women out of prostitution.  Our main stop was with the wonderful ministry of Night Light, where women are given the opportunity to leave their lives as prostitutes and are given good, solid jobs making jewelry.  I highly encourage everyone to support this ministry.  You can view and buy their jewelry here: http://www.nightlightbangkok.com/.  

We also spent some time with Chris of the MST Project, who focuses exclusively on the men who come to Thailand for sex.  Finally, we visited the Tamar Center in Pattaya (an entire city built around prostitution–it’s mind boggling).  Their ministry is very much like Night Light, but they make cards, have a bakery, salon, etc…

As with every time I film, I went knowing a little about what I wanted to capture (interviews, the ministries in action) but I also knew that I had to leave room for God to do whatever He might want to do.  So we hit the streets each night, trying to figure out what God wanted us to do and to film.  In Pattaya in particular, there was a beautiful moment with a "lady boy" that very well may make the final cut of the next film.  

I saw many things that broke my heart.  I can’t tell you how many American or European men I saw walking around with a young Thai girl on their arm.  I heard testimonies from former prostitutes of the horrors of the trade, and saw things that, as a father myself, were almost unbearable.  Whether it was one woman walking off with 4 men who did not appear to intend to treat her well, to the old man on the bench in Pattaya who saw nothing wrong with having sex with children.  It was a dark, dark place.

But God was still there.  

I’m finding as I journey into the darkness that He’s always there.  Just a moment away.  Just a breath away really.  

I can’t wait to show you all what I am seeing.


  • Jeff Houchins

    "But it was as if we were made invisible. For those of you who prayed for just that, I thank you." The kids and I prayed exactly this. Thank You Lord! Too cool!

  • Deanna Dziedzic

    I'm so glad to hear things went well... I'm excited to hear more stories from you this next semester about the ways God moved during filming. Praise the Lord you made it back safely!

  • Levi Hug

    I'm praying for you Darren!!! You are an inspiration and I'm so excited about what God is up to in media! Keep up the GREAT work!

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