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The floodgates are opening…

You would think I wouldn’t be surprised anymore, but as with all things concerning God, I continuously am. We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on a film that has literally consumed my life for the better part of two years. I’ll be writing shortly after Christmas when it’s completely done and will, I’m sure, ruminate poetic about the entire process, but for this blog I wanted to talk about just how amazing of a marketer the God of the Universe really is.

Like I said, I shouldn’t be surprised. I watched him take a weird, controversial video made by a nobody with no money and no real idea what he was doing–who just threw it on Amazon to see what would happen–and turn it into an underground phenomenon, selling over 60,000 copies (and still going strong) and seen by millions of people around the world. He did all that, mind you, with no help from me. My job consisted of simply answering my phone every now and then as some connection He made behind my back finally found it’s way to my cell phone. I watched in amazement how I naively walked up to the TBN booth at a trade show in Vegas and told them I had a movie that they’d never heard of, but it was selling lots of copies without me doing anything, and how they asked for it, showed it to the top brass, and worked an easy, seamless deal to broadcast it globally for the next 3 years (I mention it was easy and seamless simply because I have heard horror stories of just how uneasy the broadcast world can get).

I didn’t market the movie. I didn’t publicize it. But God did. He thought it up, made it, and ultimately distributed it. I was the middle man…

And here we are now, two years almost to the day of having released Finger of God, and I have one, final screening of Furious Love before we can finally call it a wrap. In the meantime, God birthed in me the idea to turn churches into movie theaters. Instead of trying to get Hollywood to let us (being Christian filmmakers) join their club, then gnawing on the scraps they throw back to us, we’re going to start a new model. A model based on fairness, as well as sound business principles. Churches show our films, and they reap the benefit financially as well. The church gets the same take on the gross profits as my company does. It’s a simple bartering deal: you show my movie, get more people to watch it than I ever could, and you get rewarded in the process. I get a much higher return, meaning we can continue to create high quality films that look to show the heart of the Father to the world.

But we need, of course, to get the word out. Heartstone Pictures (my church distributor) is doing a wonderful job of working tirelessly to promote this movie. But I continue to sit back in amazement as God moves in the hearts of men and women to come on board and promote this movie.  We have entire denominations coming on board, over 15 countries and counting, and national groups that contain thousands of individual churches all coming together to tell the churches under them that yes, indeed, this is a film they need to show. I started out wanting to make a movie about the loving, all consuming heart of the Father, and I think we’ve succeeded in doing that. It is now becoming more and more apparent that God intends to give an unprecedented number of churches the right to show His heart to His people.

As of this writing, we are closing in on 20,000 churches who are going to hear, over the next few weeks, their leadership endorse and promote Furious Love to their networks. That is astonishing.

It is also a testament to the power of simply trusting in a God who wants so badly to co-labor with us.

Go to furiouslovefilm.com to find out more, see the trailer, and catch a sneak peek of the new film!

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