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The Furious Love Event

 Hey all,

As you may already know, Furious Love will be released on February 14, 2010.  What you may not know is how we are planning on releasing it.  The Lord has given us an idea that is just crazy enough to be from Him.  

We’re going to turn churches around the world into movie theaters.  

Here’s how it’s going to work.  First, you get your pastor to go to www.furiouslovefilm.com and sign up to host the event.  We’ll be providing everyone with as much promotional material that they want, as well as ideas to help get the word out to make this a truly city-wide (and in turn, a national) event.  If you thought Finger of God was powerful, you’re not going to believe what the Lord has given us in this film!  

When the event itself takes place, each church will simply charge a small door fee ($5 per person or $15 per family) just like at the movies.  1/3 of the gross will go to the hosting church to use for whatever they like–use for homeless ministry, building improvements, support missionaries, etc…  1/3 goes to our distribution company, and 1/3 will go to us to help pay for the making of Furious Love and to help us make more movies like it.  

Please start to spread the word, as Hollywood is watching and we want to make a splash.  We figure if the system isn’t going to play the kinds of films we want to see, then let’s just start a new system!  

So go to www.furiouslovefilm.com and have your church sign up to host the event!


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