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The Great Wave

It has been exactly 10 days since Furious Love was released around the world, and I have to admit, this whole experience is quite weird. Immediately after the release, we began receiving some of the most wonderful testimonies and words of thanks and gratitude I could ever imagine. They continue to come in, but it’s odd how little a creator of something gets to actually hear about how their creation is affecting the world at large. I know a few things. I know that the response has been universally positive, with many claiming this to be the best film they have ever seen. I know that most of the churches who had showings this past week are now feverishly working to set up subsequent showings, due to the incredible response they experienced. I know a great number of people have gotten saved after the film, and and even greater number have been challenged and spurred on to love more ferociously themselves. This is all good news.

It’s funny, because even now, I still get emails from people telling me some story about how Finger of God changed their life. It has been over two years since I last worked on that film, so when people bring it up to me, it’s kind of like, “Huh? Oh yeah…” I’m still so grateful for how God continues to use that little movie, and I’ve come to grips with the fact that I will never know the true extent of the fruit God has brought from that film.

A few weeks before Furious Love was released, I had a profound dream that I knew was from the Lord. I have only had maybe four dreams like this in my entire life. In it, my wife and I were in the backseat of a open-top jeep, driving along a huge beach. The beach was massive, at least a half-mile of sand lay between our jeep and the ocean. People were everywhere. Two men drove the jeep (I have since learned that these are, apparently, my two angels who have been assigned to me–I dreamed of them once before, when I was making Finger of God). Suddenly, I saw a big wave in the distance. From this far away, it was still fairly small, but it rose probably 30 feet out of the water and made a resounding crash on the shoreline. Then, shortly after that, an otherworldly, enormous wave rose up behind it. It stretched up to the sky, and was, easily, 1000 feet high. It towered over the entire beach, then slammed down onto the sand. Everyone on the beach was completely covered by this wave. I remember, the tip of the wave crashed right next to our jeep, and some of the spray got on me. Then I woke up.

I immediately understood what this dream meant, although it was hard for me to accept it. The first wave was Finger of God. It caused a stir, to be sure, and many were affected by it. It was a pretty big wave, but nothing like what was coming after it. The second, enormous wave, was Furious Love. I have gotten word after word after word from everyone from close prophetic friends to perfect strangers who all reiterate the same thing: that I have no idea the impact that Furious Love is going to have on the world. In my dream, the impact was enormous and all-encompassing. Everyone who came in contact with it was completely covered by God’s “furious wave”. Interestingly, though, I only felt a splashing of the impact.

I now realize that I probably never will know the true impact these films have, and in reality, that’s probably a good thing. There isn’t much I can take credit for with these things. Obviously, I’m obedient and do what I feel God is asking me to do, and yes, I needed to train enough in my past to be able to tell a good, tight story, but in the end, these are God’s films. If He doesn’t show up, I’ve got nothing to write about. If He doesn’t move on people, then no lives get changed.

So am I bummed that I don’t know what’s going on out there? Sort of, but not really. The Lord gives me enough feedback to keep me moving forward, but not so much that I start to think that, yeah, I really am kind of a genius. If I ever get to that point, I’ve ordered my family and friends to hold an intervention and remind me just how much of an idiot I really am.

All artists have egos. I am no exception. But God is bringing me to a place where my ego, my identity, is not wrapped up in what I create or how many people it affects. My identity is found in Him and Him alone.

Thank God for that.


  • Wendy Weldon

    awe... you are truly sweet and humble - glad to see your openness & more importantly your Love and desire to serve the Lord. God Bless you and your family. You may not know now the lives being affected by your work, but you will surely feel the blessings - pressed down, shaken together and overflowing coming to you. Enjoy all that God has for you in this time allowing you to be blessed as well as be a blessing. Please receive that spray...

  • Marty Reitzin

    Darren.. I love how real and honest you are...you are a breath of fresh air to God's church...

  • Sandy Nagy

    I'm with you on the struggle to not let pride in. It takes a certain amount of character to weather success. On the other hand, I think it's perfectly fine to recieve, "Well done, son." from the Lord. I think it's totally okay to bask in His smile, take the hug and pat on the head or whatever it is He does. Let Him love you up bigtime. I think that pleases Him. I think recieving that from Him will protect you sufficiently from the accolades of man. Amen?

  • Shonali

    Darren, When we think of great people (i.e.: Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce) we tend to think of the splendor and grandeur of their lives. Often, when we get so caught up in the idea of what they are, we forget that beneath their great names and their great accomplishments, lay a person who is just as weak as the rest of us. We tend to make ‘saints’ out of that person, and if this continues long enough, the saint soon turns into a god (i.e.: the grave of Mother Teresa where people pray and worship her in Calcutta). We forget just how fragile their lives were- how they too had to come against everything we face in our own ‘ordinary’ lives (i.e.: William Wilberforce actually remained addicted to Laudanum till he died, which was a fact that the film ‘Amazing Grace’ left out). When these halves of the stories of great people are forgotten or conveniently wiped out of the history books, we as normal people tend to disqualify ourselves in the light of such a saintly image. We say, “No, I’m too weak to do anything like that. They were great women and men of God...but not me.” We erase the humanity in them and create a false image of the person that keeps us suspended in awe; a suspension which can possibly hinder us from our own destiny. So, who is to blame? Not Mother Teresa. Not William Wilberforce. Did they wish to be worshipped? No. If there is someone to blame, it is our nature which tends to make golden calves after we are freed from bondage. Therefore, I commend you for this blog because you went against the chance to become that saintly image and instead said in your frail human way, “God is bringing me to a place where my ego, my identity, is not wrapped up in what I create or how many people it affects. My identity is found in Him and Him alone.” Thank you for remembering God.

  • Robby

    As I read the description of your dream I was reminded of a dream I had that was so incredibly similar. I had not remembered this dream for years! I doubt I even remembered it after 24 hours after having it. And yet the full force of the imagery of your dream replayed my own dream. In fact, as I think on it, I believe I've had two dreams much like this, one much more recent than the other. What I do remember is this: I was just past the shore line. The water was maybe waist deep but then suddenly it pulled back into the ocean. There wasn't even water above my toes. I looked into the distance and saw the ocean rising up bigger and bigger until a massively huge wave, like you described, covered the sky. I felt so insignificant next to it. It's shadow sent chills down my spine. I remember it crashing over me, and for a split second, the water had arced over me and had touched the beachead, yet I was untouched by the water. Then gravity kicked in and the water collapsed around me but not crushing me. At that point I woke up. I have no idea if this necessarily means ANYTHING at all...but like I said, your dream reminded me of my own that I had. I hope this is somehow an encouragement... or maybe it means something more...or anything! And yes, your film is by far the best film I have seen. I had one friend tell me, "If I could only watch one movie all my life...it'd be Furious Love." I totally and definitely agree. In fact, I pre-ordered the DVD about 2 weeks ago after seeing it live on Bethel's website. Thank you so very much. I praise God for His work in your and your film.

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