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The Last Shoot

 Hello everyone,

As I write this blog I am staring down my departure for the final shoot for Furious Love.  it has been a wild year-and-a-half journey filming this movie, and it’s pretty safe to say that you all are going to love what the Lord has allowed us to film this time around.  I love Finger of God, and I know a lot of you do too.  That little film has done more than I ever dreamed it would.  I remember thinking it would be a miracle if I sold 1,000 copies when I finished it.  I mean, who the heck was going to watch this crazy movie made on a shoestring budget about all this crazy stuff?  I didn’t think anyone was going to watch it, let alone like it.  But as I write this I stand on the realization that over 1 million people have seen this crazy movie of mine, and countless thousands have been touched in a radical, profound way through it.  You have no idea how humbling something like that is until you’ve experienced it.  That God would choose me, of all the people in the world, to make a movie like that and then use it to advance His kingdom the way He has absolutely blows my  mind.

I say all that with the full knowledge that this next movie, Furious Love, is going to blow my first film out of the water.

How do I know?  Because I know what the Lord has allowed us to film.  I know what I have this time around compared to what I had for that film.  I’ve learned that when you show yourself faithful in the little things, He trusts you with even greater things.  And that’s exactly what He’s done with this next movie.  It’s going to show the heart of the Father in a way that, I believe, will wreck every person who watches it.  

I actually used to teach my classes that God doesn’t want to use the media to save souls.  Salvation is a very personal thing, I reasoned, and to rely on media to do the heavy lifting simply puts too much pressure on the filmmaker.  There was too much of a distance in media, too much emotion for a legitimate encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Then I made Finger of God and all that changed.

And now I’m making the sequel, and it’s all about to change again.

But we have one more shoot to go, and I need your prayers.  We’re heading down to Brazil, near the Amazon, and we’re going to film indigenous tribes taking the gospel to other tribes.  Please pray for protection and stamina and our equipment, but most of all, pray for God to do something incredible and unexpected.  This is the end of the film, and I have no real agenda.  I just want God to end His film the way He wants to end it.  

When I get back in 10 days I’ll have a huge announcement for you all.  But first we have to finish the race well, and to do that, I beg for your prayers.  


  • David

    Keep it up Darren. God bless you.

  • Susan Susan

    May God's mighty hand of protection be on you all as you travel! Psalm 91 Blessings!!!

  • Mark

    So excited! God is all over what you're doing! I pray that He shows up and ends this film in a way that will blow your mind.

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