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The night before…

 My wife left for India today.  We’re helping to start a children’s home there, and she will also be attending a meeting for Christian women who have survived the horrific persecution in Orissa at the hands of Hindu extremists (which you will see in Furious Love).  

That, of course, leaves me home alone with the kids.  And here I am, on the night before my life will most likely change forever, alone in my living room as my children sleep peacefully upstairs.  I guess it’s time to ruminate, look back, and wonder about what is to come.  The only problem is, I’m as numb as can be.  

People keep asking me if I’m excited.  I’m excited for what God is about to do, absolutely.  Am I excited about the praise and adulation that’s about to come?  Not really.  Am I excited for the hate mail that’s bound to come as well?  Definitely not.  Am I excited about speaking engagements, interviews, and all the stuff that goes with that?  Yes and no.  But do I actually FEEL anything at the moment?  Strangely, no.

Before I started making Finger of God, my greatest desire was to be well known.  I wanted people to love the things I wrote, and in turn I figured they would love me as well.  Of course, if you asked, I would have told you that my greatest aim was to glorify God through my work, but in my heart of hearts I wanted to glorify God AND be made famous in the process.  And of course, my entire life, I failed at everything I ever tried creatively.  It’s a longer story than I have time for here, but something happened that finally (and mercifully) killed my dream of fame forever.  It was one of the worst yet best days of my life.

So here I am.  Millions have seen my first film.  Hundreds of thousands of people are about to watch my second film all at the same time.  And I can’t help but note the oddity of my numbness.  Maybe it’s simply too much to handle.  I’ve been getting a glimpse all week of the types of reactions this film is about to get, and it’s overwhelming to say the least.  And that’s all from just one showing.  What’s going to happen when God unleashes His Love on over 500 churches around the world at the same time?  And how is that going to change my life?  

My goal with you all has always been honesty.  When you watch my movies, you’re hearing the God’s honest truth as I witnessed it.  I won’t hype anything beyond what actually happened, and I have the same questions about it all that most of you do.  And now, 24 hours before an atomic bomb of love is about to go off, I don’t know what to think.  I’m not really sure what to do.  

I am awed and humbled by the excitement I have seen from many of you regarding this film.  I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of what God does through it.  But I guess I just want to point out, before all heaven breaks loose, that although, yes, I did make this movie, and although, yes, it was without question the hardest spiritual journey I’ve ever had to go through, it doesn’t make me special.  Certainly not any more special than you.  

I’m the donkey Jesus decided to ride in on tomorrow night.  What He will unleash once He dismounts me and speaks to you…well…now THAT gets me excited.

Enjoy the film, everyone.  The King approaches… 


  • Jina

    My young N.A. teens, husband and I watched "the Finger of God" just now to prepare for the "Love Bomb" tomorrow night. We have been sitting on the outside of THE REALITY - in doubt and unbelief. We say YES to God and are JUMPING IN with two feet. My very conservative home is getting ripped apart for the LORD and are ready and willing. Move us for You, oh Lord! Thank you for making this...and "going" for many of us who will never be able.

  • Patrick

    I love your honesty. That's the kind of thing people are looking for. I believe there is going to be an abundance of fruit because of that. Thanks for being so honest and for releasing this gift into the airwaves. (I just saw it like a dove being loosed and braking forth in flight). Wow, I am very excited about tonight!

  • Denise

    I just had to say I love Jina's comment. I personally believe what's happened in that home is going to happen in many. I'm getting ready to leave on our double date for dinner and THE movie, and then come home completely different because of it. May we all be open and ready to receive what God's got for us, and then I pray we live our lives furiously for the love of God.

  • Liz C

    we screened last night ... everyone seemed right there in the film - with it - I am looking forward to hearing and seeing what comes of this in the next few weeks/months/eternity. This is what my 16 year old son posted on his fb profile after watching ... "the greatest weapon we have against the devil, is love" .... message received.... Thank you.

  • Kandace

    I saw this post on a young man's facebook and pulled it up. My family and I are leaving in a few hours to go watch Furious Love. I watched the Finger of God just 3 weeks ago. Funny thing is, even as I type, I don't even remember your name. However, it's confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to me. Last night in worship I was prompted to write this down: "I will not share my glory and no man will own what only I can orgistrate. There will be no name attached to what I am about to do but only the name of My Son. I am not interested in building more ministries but in you being the ministry of My heart, My voice, My ears, My hands and feet. It is time to display the unity of love for My Son. I have no place for competition in My Body for there is no competition in My Kingdom. What I am about to do is not for your name but for My Son's fame." This morning I mentioned to my husband about another earthquake getting ready to happen....I believe it is an earthquake of His love and will cause the DIVIDING WALLS of denominations to come crashing down. Praise God! I have felt His heart over this issue and it's grievous. We must lift His name up in unity at the expense of losing corporate identity(I am not suggesting people abandon their church; it's more of a mindset)....it will happen, however, we have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to do it voluntarily. Bless you for being transparent about your desire to be known.....if we are all honest, we have all felt that or dealt with that. However, the only One we must make certain knows our name is Father God. When we have His gaze, we will be undone and get lost in the cross and THEN the world will know we are Christ-followers.

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