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The Past and Future of Wanderlust

 I really have no idea who reads this blog of mine, nor do I know WHY anyone reads it.  It might be because you’re hoping for me to tell more stories of things I’ve seen around the world.  Maybe you want more updates on Furious Love.  Maybe you want me to explain exactly why I included the first 15 minutes of Finger of God in the final cut of the film, even though I knew it would bring ridicule and vehement anger against me.  I just don’t know.  So each time I come back here to write something, I simply write about whatever is on my mind at that particular moment.

For those of you who really do care about Furious updates, the rough cut has been completed.  I’ll be taking a short break from working on the film to try and get a little critical distance from it, and then my team and I will attack the final stages of post production throughout November with the goal of completing the film by the new year.  The film has turned out far better, and way more powerful than I ever dreamed it would, which makes having to wait to share it with you all until February a kind of torture for me.  But it’s the kind of torture that you feel when your parents hint that you’re getting an amazing Christmas present this year…in August.  You have to wait, but in the end, it’s worth it.  

Just keep spreading the word, and keep telling your pastors and/or small group leaders to sign up as hosts! 

But tonight I’m in the mood to talk about the past and the future.  The Lord has blessed us immeasurably with the success of Finger of God, and in two short years He’s taken a company that, literally, wasn’t even a company, and transformed it into something that will be bringing on full time employees in 2010.  The fact that He did that through a weird film that either makes people repent of their unbelief and pulls them into a closer relationship with Jesus, or incredibly angry at my apparent deception of everyonet, is amazing to me.  Two years ago, here is what I believed:

1) Miracles probably happen, but only occasionally 

2) Anything religious that was "weird" was definitely wrong

3) Media CANNOT lead people into a profound experience with God, and it DEFINITELY can’t lead someone to salvation (I actually taught this to my University students)

You will never be able to tell me that God doesn’t have a phenomenal sense of humor.  

So we’re about to become a real, honest-to-goodness media company.  Up until now, Wanderlust has pretty much been me and some part time help.  But God has seen fit to take my one talent and give me two.  I’m convinced we must be tested in our efforts, and then in our blessings, before He will give us more.  He gave me some great stuff to work with with Finger of God, and my only goal in making that, honestly, was to make Him famous and happy.  As a result, He has given me footage and stories for Furious Love that, quite frankly, make Finger seem almost childish.  

So what does 2010 have in store?  Well, I’ll wait until December to give you the details on that.  For now, I think it’s enough to look back at what has transpired over two years: 53,000 DVDs sold and counting, a movie that has been seen by millions around the world, healings, salvations, and renewed faith for thousands (at least those who have told me about it).  I can only look back, crawl into my Father’s arms and say, humbly and honestly: "Thanks Dad."


  • Sandy Nagy

    I am a big fan of "Finger of God." I have shown it several times to my clients (I'm a substance abuse counselor). I have even shown it in the jail to a ladies bible study class. We saw a healing shortly after of a woman's uterus. I am very supportive of your quest and would like to show "Furious Love" to my clients as well. This film has not only increased my faith, but those that I've shown it to as well. Thank you so much for all that you've gone through to give us these treasures!

  • Shiela Halvorson

    My family loves Finger of God !! Thank you for being obediant in making the film. It changed my Luthern raised husband to believe that God does do miracles and to want miracles in our own life. We have children that are at the end of their journey for healing it's on it's way any day. So , please don't ever stop bringing the Body of Christ films that prove that God does miracles as an expression of His passion for His children. God Bless everywhere your feet take you !

  • Christina Ebeling

    I loved the Finger of God. My family showed it to me and it really brought me to tears to see God's miracles and His love. I think you are doing a great job opening people's eyes and thanks for coming out with "Furious Love" too. I cannot wait to see it! God Bless you.

  • Marty Reitzin

    Wow what can I say? Truly an amazing and very anointed movie. I wept as I saw my fellow believers in China. You did an outstanding job and you need to keep doing this.. I am going to show the entire movie on a Sunday morning at our church, The Goleta Vineyard. We love and live in some of what your portrayed in the movie. God Bless and Keep them coming for the glory of God and building up of His Church. Pastor Marty Reitzin

  • Rev. Jim Houchens

    I just watched Finger of God yesterday. I have been in the traveling ministry for 8 years, and the events shown in the movie are much like some of my experiences on the road. In visiting denominatiuonal/institutional churches, I find them unreceptive to the message of the Holy Spirit. I/m frustrated at the unwillingness to even hear about miracles. They think I'm some kind of nut when I talk about opening the ears of the deaf or having limbs grow out from Thalidomide handicaps. I'm going to ask the Pastor of one of my Churches to show the movie to the congreagation, and let it speak to them.

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