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The train has left the station…

 We premiered Furious Love at Bethel Church, in Redding, California last night.  2500 people (1500 at the church, another 1000 online) were the first to see the fruit of our 2 year labors.  I’ve never had a more special night in my life. 

Last night my sister had a vision after the film.  She said she saw a train breaking through a wall and leaving a station, full speed ahead.  The train was empty, and with the release last night, it was heading out into the world looking for people to get on the train (of God’s love).  

So with the pre-premiere having just occurred, I wanted to open up this blog to anyone who has seen the film to share your experience of watching the film.  Tell us what God did to your heart.  How He changed or affected you.  What did you think about His Furious Love?


  • Kymberly Janelle

    This movie absolutely wrecked me in Love!! I was sitting there watching it (online) sobbing. To see that God just simply wants to love people. The people that so many people point fingers at and judge because they are acting out of rebellion towards God...yet when Gods love comes, its undeniable!! This movie literally changed my life in how I view Gods love towards His people and myself. && it shifted mindsets that I have had!!! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS!! GET OUT THE KLEENEX THOUGH!!! Oh God is sooo good

  • Ashlee

    I'm so grateful for a movie that expresses so much of what I experience of our awesome God and have wanted others to know about but not always knowing how to describe. God's love is so much more than what we think it is and goes further than what we can ever dream. This movie will touch your heart and show many people a side of God's love that they maybe have never experienced before or thought was real.

  • David

    It's awesome Darren. Good job, and God bless you.

  • Cayla

    I cried the entire movie. From the very beginning of the film something gripped my heart and soul and it continued to shred every piece of me until the credits rolled. Having struggled deeply with the demonic realm my entire life and just reaching my one year mark free from the constant oppression of depression, this film hit home hard. I realized that God's love is bigger than any manifestation and I now have a story to tell; a responsibility to carry out. I honestly thought that I knew what God had planned for me to do with my life. But He kind of dropped a bomb on me during this film: "Can you love others, even when they don't love you back?" This seems like a simple request, but yet it is so powerful. To give up everything for the sake of Christ and love others to the utmost. Somewhere in my 18 years of being a pastors kid I missed that part of the gospel. Thank you for this wonderful film, I'm hoping to share it with others if it becomes available!

  • Michelle Stevens

    Darren, I want to thank you for being obedient to the call. The fact that God chose "you" with your background is no accident. Do you have any clue how this will break the denominational lines??? I am so excited about that. This movie is extremely anointed. I was radically touched by God's presence as I watched it last night. The movie is crazy awesome! I LOVE IT!! Today I invited my brother to watch it with me again before it expired on iBethel. I have not spoken with my brother in weeks as he has been out of touch on drug binges. Well, he answered the phone today. He came over and watched Furious Love! I know the transforming power of God's love was imparted to him. Thank you~

  • Joe

    Hi, First I apologize for the fake name and address. I must do this due to the content I am about to discuss. i hope you post regardless. The movie was great! It is awesome how you show how God is interested in what many times the church has cast off. Personally I have struggled with one question for a month or so. It was shortly after I was involved in discovering the bodies of young children that had been murdered by their own parent. In law enforcement, i get to see a lot of darkeness. After this recent case I have been asking God about the person responsible for this crime. I feel inside, the war, the war that tells me that God still loves this man, and the war that tells me that this guy has gone to far, turned to for from God to ever come back. Your movie hammared home the point that the war is not against the people that God loves. The enemy may destroy their lives but the war is always between me and the enemy, Not the people he has managed to control... God loves them! Thank you!

  • Antony

    Wow, that was life-changing. You simply cannot watch Furious Love and carry on with your life as normal. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless your ministry Darren and your team. Couldn't believe how hungry people were for God's love, in Indonesia when they just ran to the stage as though their lives depended on it. Got me sobbing. In our churches people are too shy to go to the front, because they're too concerned about what others may say. Brilliant work. Oh God help me to love more as you love...

  • Patrick

    Straight from the heart of God. It had me gripped from the very start, even the title! (did Brennan Manning have anything to do with that? I first encountered that description from one of his books) It feels like this is exactly what God is saying to His bride. Overwhelmingly powerful and full of compassion. A masterpiece of raw Love with no frills, bold yet gentle and pure. I absolutely loved it and that's why I'm hosting the premiere on the little island of Malta in the Med. I'm very excited about and used these words in my promotion of it: Potentially life-changing ... potentially world-changing. Thank you so much

  • James

    WOW! This movie is insanely eye opening to the injustice of darkness that has spread throughout the world. It fires you up incredibly to go and bring love and light to displace it. I pre-ordered a copy before the movie was even half over, can't wait to see the extra footage and interviews. I guarantee you, that you will be moved deeply by this movie and God loves that is shown so deeply throughout. 5/5

  • Taylor

    Wow! It is so refreshing to see life-giving media! I watched it online last night and very clearly heard God's words to me, "Love them and I will take care of the hard stuff." The whole movie aligned perfectly with the spiritual battles I am facing right now. So thanks for the words of encouragement, inspiration, and love! Also, "Esther's" description of satan as a Spanish prince exactly matched Anna Rountree's in her book Heaven Awaits The Bride. So cool!

  • Kelsey

    Watched it this afternoon. It was AWESOME! It moved me with compassion for those that are so caught up in the occult. It just made me love Jesus even more! Great, great, great!

  • Rebekah

    This movie rocked my world! I was able to watch it online last night and it just blew me away! I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen all day today and I wanted to tell everyone I met about the way it changed my heart! My heart's cry after watching this is: "God give me people to love. Put people in my path that need you and show up in your power!" I'm a missionary in South America and would love to show this to the others I work with-they'll be radically changed! How can I get a copy?

  • Annelise Blom

    This film rocked my world and altered my expectations of myself and the church forever. Without this component in our lives - as individuals - and in our churches, we are wasting our time. It is time to wake up. God must be so pleased with the sons and daughters already out there being and bringing His heart. Thank you for bringing this film to the world. It has birthed passion, desire, purpose and focus in me. Thank you!

  • Laura from Minnesota

    I loved the film. I knew it would be good especially after hearing of the prophetic word form Heidi B. I have to comment on the vision of the train. 14 months ago I had my first vision. It was of a train car with people who had very non expressive faces--I got the sense they were going to a concentration camp. Then I saw a bottle of water. I asked the Lord what does this mean? He responded "they need to drink the living water, they are going off to the slaughter." Then a few weeks ago I saw another train in a vision. This was was going so fast in was a blur. People get ready--Jesus is coming! I and our team in ELK River MN will be praying for you and your team, Darin.

  • David

    Thank God someone told the story of who the enemy is and where the victory is in Jesus. Believing for many Gehazi's who can see what the battle is about.

  • Grace from Othello, WA

    I seen your film I was completely blown away any religous thoughts that I still had vanished! I felt a new season in my life has begun and a fresh new flow of faith has come upon me to believe for greater things! HIS WORD OF TRUTH HAS JUST BECOME MORE REAL! PERFECT LOVE CAST OUT ALL FEAR! Thank you Darin for obeying the voice of PAPA GOD! It has taken me to a deeper walk in him! And I am soooo on that train!

  • Shawna from Redding, CA

    The movie was very moving, as I watched the Love of God breaking forth into the darkness. Love is a powerful light touching people that cling to the hope that they really are loved by the most powerful of Gods... Jesus Christ. May we all learn to love and know the beauty of true love breaking forth into the earth. This movie shows what it looks like to spread this love to the world around us. It really is very beautiful. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand! and His Love is Furious!

  • sam

    Thanks for making the film Darren! I watched the premier on ibethel.tv and it has totally changed the way I live. It's much, much easier to go up to people and ask if they want prayer now, I'm not even kidding. God is so amazing. Love sounds so cliche in the church sometimes but we need it and the world needs to know God's love. Be super blessed!

  • Alisha

    Hi Darren, I was so happy to hear from a facebook friend that the pre-premier would be available for a few more hours on Tuesday. I watched it and saw the love of God, how he didn't reject, judge or look down on the witches and the demon possessed, and how blind and innocent many of he people involved in the evil were. What I ultimately got from that movie was that God is bigger than any devil, than all evil and that we do not need to fear them or the ones they use in the darkest places, but that if we could just love them, we would be able to see a change. Thank God.

  • Patrick

    Me again! already left my comments further up the blog. Just found the quote where I first heard the phrase "furious love': "Will we ever understand the gospel of grace, the furious love of God, the world of grace in which we live?" Brennan Manning - The Ragamuffin Gospel Interesting... I'm about to start his new book, 'The Furious Longing of God' ...furious times!

  • Mark S.

    BOTH movies have stirred a "sanctified" jealousy within me to plunge deeper into God's love experientially and personally, but also to splash that love on everyone I meet, especially those whose lives and experiences portray a sense of utter hopelessness. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DARREN AND CREW! I will continue to spread the word concerning your work.

  • Joseph Keesling

    Know His train has left the station... It is moving full-speed ahead Time for concern and elation It's the reason why He died and bled... Not just hoping nor just praying It's by faith we're moving out What we see and hear Him saying We'll do with His pow'r and clout! It is our charge to bring heaven From "beyond" to planet earth It's our charge to be His leaven And be filled with joy and mirth For laughter is to salvation As repentance is to tears. Our lives, a joyful oblation... Midst a world of taunting jeers... Commissioned to do what He did (John 20:21) When He walked in human frame Not sure that will fit in our grid That's His purpose, just the same! It's not just about the future He's the God of here and now He's not just about a suture For our wounds when at the prow... The Holy Spirit will hide you He will hide you in plain sight (Ps 23:5/27:5) Not only hide, but He'll guide you Get off your pew! Start the fight!! The battle ahead is growing Satan does not want to fight Just sitting, we'll not be glowing (Isaiah 60:1) Evil could reign in the night... Arise and shine!! That's your charter!! Arise with hand to the plow By faith, you'll be a quick starter By faith, that means here and now! He'll use you to win the battle. He'll use you to win the war. That sound is satan's death rattle... With God, his defeat's no chore!!! JKeesling

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