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The Whole World Needs This… Seriously

It’s midnight, and you’re sitting with your friend in a public park when four strange men approach you, flanked by cameras, and ask if you have any pain in your body. You look at them and say…

I rarely think much about what it must be like for people to encounter my friends and I when we are making a movie. What we do is not the norm, and most people don’t have any grid for what we’re telling them God wants to do for them.

To most of the world, God is like the Christians they encounter. Sometimes nice, sometimes a total hypocrite, more often than not upset and judgmental towards them.

So when we go out to film, one of my primary goals is to be as much like Jesus to people as possible. While most people can find fault with Christians, those same people are often pretty cool with Jesus.

We were in Thessaloniki, Greece, and had just spent a week filming in the city and around the country. This was our last night here, and we decided to walk a few blocks to a place called Aristotle’s Square, which was a local hangout for people of all shapes and sizes. It was midnight, but the place was humming with activity.

We started talking to random people, striking up conversations, asking if they had any pain that needed healing, and talking to them about Jesus and what we were doing.

We saw two girls sitting on a bench and approached them to ask if they were in any pain. One of the girls admitted that she had pretty severe pain in her shoulder. My friends friends Bryan Schwartz and Robby Dawkins, asked if they could pray for her.

Then Robby looked at her and blurted out, “Jesus is about to heal your shoulder.”

Inwardly I cringed.

Should we really be making promises like that?

Even after years of filming God doing the miraculous, I can still have my moments of doubt. But the boys pushed on and began praying for her. The scene that followed will forever be etched in my memory.

It is not often that you are able to see God inside someone else, but as Bryan prayed for this girl, I saw the Father on his face. Bryan has 7 children and is a former NFL linebacker, but tonight he was the face of the Father for a daughter who didn’t know she had one.

He spoke to her gently, like a Father would, and she was able to not only experience healing but also what it means to be a child of the King. She was in tears while God touched her, which meant that my crew and I were in tears too.

The whole thing was an emotional setup from God. That night He showed me the lengths He will go to to reach his children.

We had traveled halfway around the world for her. We were in a square dedicated to Aristotle, one of the patron saints of logic and reason. And in this spot God was transcending this girl’s logic as He went straight after her heart.

One of the most telling moments for me was when the girl finally spoke after her encounter with God.

“The whole world needs this,” she said.

I don’t think a truer word has ever been spoken in one of my films.

The whole world does need a touch from the Father. Because in Him the answer to everything is found.

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  • ben3

    Thank you!!!!

  • Pyrrhus Kim Paqueen


  • gordon

    July 2, we screened Furious Love for a group of people. After the credits, I asked if anyone needed prayer and a woman raised her hand and said she had shoulder pain for a long time. Then I asked if there was anyone who had never laid hands & prayed for someone's healing. Another woman raised her hand and I proceeded to teach her how to command the pain to leave in Jesus' name. Then, for some crazy reason, I blurted out, "Jesus is going to heal her through you." The tension in the room was thick and so was the expectancy. It took 2 prayers from the woman and then I sensed a spirit of oppression on the woman with the shoulder problem. We broke that off, the shoulder was healed, and we all had a good cry. Praise Jesus!

  • markemorrison

    Ephesians 3:10 His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made know to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. .... That is an amazing passage and the above story shows how He wants to be made know in this world we live in. Now, through us, the Holy Spirit can move and show people that God is alive and well and calling them to a relationship with their Creator. Healings are awesome, and so are the other gifts that the Father had given us access to. It is exciting to be part of God's plan! If we just die to ourselves and live for Him, such freedom!

  • Jonathan Blair

    This is crazy! I'm about to head over to Northern Greece in less than 6 weeks to join a team reaching the Syrian Refugees! I remember watching this in one of the films! Jesus is so in love with His kids!

    • A Lee

      What was it like over there? I'll be going to Turkey this week to minister to Syrian refugees.

  • Kevin Zeller

    He really doesn't. I tried prayer, such as this, for years, without any good result.

  • Kevin Zeller

    For scholarly proof of my assertion take a gander @ jesusneverexisted dot com I tried to give you a clickable URL, but the "big brothers" will not all this to happen! Love ONLY, Always, Rev. Kevin von Zell, MDiv, BMus

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